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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Apr 23 '17
You may notice that out of thousands of people on this site it is primarily a few dozen that are posting.  We have a live chat room where you can talk to people and meet people but it is usually the same 10 of us.All to 

 many of you make a profile, post a picture and are never seen again. Why?

1. Don't be scared to ask questions. This is how you learn. Even if you think it is a stupid question go for it. 

2.This is the most active social networking site for Satanist and occultist of all sorts. We are a eclectic group of outsiders looking for knowledge an liberation that the vast majority are afraid to. 

3. Make a comment on someone else post. It is okay and stimulates conversations. 

4. Blogs are like your personal diary . Use them th\o talk about how you feel and stuff. 


Just because people disagree with you does not make you wrong or stupid.

5 If you are interested in meeting people in your area the best way is to use the google white search box on the front page. The only problem is people are not specific enough. Say I just put California on my profile. Well know on is gonna find me unless you are specific and put San Diego. Same goes with abbreviations Do not put USA, UK OR NY. Be specific . If you live in the sticks pick the closest major city. Make sure you include the state to. 

That is it for now. I hope to see more of you active. Of course this is optional but should you like to become a member of the organization read this....


Membership is a one time processing fee (25 dollars )  and gives you online spiffs,certificate ,membership card, welcoming letter,discounts on merchandise and cool large SIN logo stickers while they last. 

There are more than you think they are working side by side in real life.

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Iggy Starman
Iggy Starman Apr 23 '17
It should be a staple that people want to get in on the live chat we've got going on as well. Lovely individuals such as Zora or Josh, Smokey and Sev, Pyro and even Zach himself gets on there. There's a few I haven't met yet but as one of the younger individuals on this site, these people are reasonable and are damn fun to talk to. Now I'm a shy, sheltered man that still lives with parents, privacy is non existent for me, but it's still worth the risk to branch out and talk to new people. Hell, just met Zora within 24 hours and they're solid, good company with stellar experience and view points. 

Doesn't even have to be LHP oriented all the time, general discussions, music, other philosophies and so on can be discussed. I had a damn good first meeting with a lot of new people and id like to do it all again tomorrow. So thanks guys!

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Malicious Jun 12 '17
I definitely need to comr around more
Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Feb 15 '18
Infernal Greetings from New Port Richey Fl ..Hails to all of the serpent bloodline ..
MistressMage666 Member
MistressMage666 Feb 21 '18
Perhaps this is the place to start looking and understanding. I thought I knew Satanism, but like many things there is a wealth of information I have not been aware of. I don't even know where to start with my questions... I have gotten in touch with any groups or sects locally or on Facebook because my Christian family would lose their shit. For the most part I'm fine with them doing so, but if they thought I would endanger my daughter by keeping company with devils or those who love them, that is a major risk for me. So I'm keeping my curiosities somewhat quiet and seeing if I can understand this pull. I need guidance, release, something is calling from within and beyond. Can I bask in acceptance here? Some guidance? I dk what is possible, I just know I'm searching and it's brought me here... thanks for reading :)
Anna Feb 21 '18
And yet... here you are, writing essays about it.
Shittywebsite001 Mar 13 '18
My name is Michael and it's a pleasure to be here on this site, I am happy to chat or shoot the shit. Just send me a message or an invite, I have already met a few people on here who were very welcoming and have great insight on some topics. 
roycoolman Apr 3 '18
Hello i'm Roy. My hobbys are building muscle, gaming, and music. I wanna be able to do magic, or something fucking extraordinary. I know i sound like a stupid kid (what i am) but i know magic is real, i just cant do it. 
Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Apr 29 '18
Clefthoof_Bugeisha Sep 2 '18
Hey all, Names Ross or Rosco! I’m a newdevotee of Satan and I’m committed to my personal growth under his guidance. I like to draw, bake (Vegan), and an avid practitioner of the martial arts. Looking forward to chatting and learning from you lovely folks
Clefthoof_Bugeisha Sep 2 '18
Hahah noted! Loves me some hunter s. Thompson. Can’t remeber the last time a book made me laugh so hard
Xero13 Nov 26 '18
Hello all, I’m just a graduate student, working towards a PhD in phenomenology, cognitive science, and Buddhist philosophy. I have been following Satanism and Satanic philosophy for 7 yrs and have recently begun to make it part of my path in life. I study things for awhile until I have a good grasp on it before I do anything with it. I’m in Boulder, CO for now.
EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Dec 1 '18

heh heh heh

Nicolai Caine
Nicolai Caine Dec 12 '18
Hello. I'm Nicolai, from Southern Ohio. I joined within the last 24 hours. I'm a non-theistic Satanist but I'm open to learning about other types of Satanism and practices. After all, knowledge is the greatest gift. 

Hail Satan!

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 12 '18

I give up.


Very few realize Satanism is exactly like any other religion or philosophy. It even has a Michael Aquino playing The Eastern Orthodox role in 1975. There are sects and different interpretations. AND ALL ARE WELCOME! For example: The CoS take the teachings of LaVey in a way similar to a 90's kid quoting a referential twilight zone joke they saw on The Simpsons.  To most Lucy-ferrians Lucy is a shining beacon to take into one's very core and follow  for the sacrifice he made so everyone could see the light. 

You will find there are totally legit varieties which are accepting of all forms of baseless ideas and/or superstition. Concepts such as; spirit, spirits, souls, reincarnation, the force, the dark force, the law of attraction, the symptom of the universe, gnosticism, divine webs or matixes, gods, masters, afterlife, demons, magic(k), magical elves, shadow people, reptilians, and the tooth fairy. 

That said, what are you favorite types of satanism so far?

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Feb 1 '19
Hi, you proselytizing fucking bitch, I am Satan. Well, Purson, but we will go with Satan for your sake.

I do not care what you said.  Your words are the gibberish of street folk.

But here is your opportunity to take on a genuine demonic possession.

Fuck your links bitch.

Put your doctrine into action.

And go...

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Feb 2 '19
Even caricatures of Jesus Freaks do things to me. 

This basically: 

And you did that fucking quick...

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Luciferi Baphomet
Luciferi Baphomet Feb 6 '19

Quote from HAXYPAHE hi, new here. You may call me Rane. Mostly signed up to see if there are any Satanists in my area, but probably not. Would really like to make some friends because honestly im not doing to well mentally. Sorry if that's TMI for an intro post, but Ive learned that being honest about my feelings always falls on deaf ears. lol

I am sure there are some who live in your area. I have met people online that live in the same state as I do but I prefer that I never meet them in person. 

Satanic Pioneer
Satanic Pioneer Feb 11 '19
Certain qualities ring down through the abyss, shape down a strong basis, as men and women, males and females. Some complete and muddle inside earth, and some not. It was an incentive consisting a deep commitment which could include freedom of action. Sensation of thrill through real-time frustration that strain and fetch down and let us sense within obnoxious person. As any satanist, new here may reach goals and aims boundly dovetailed constantly with most sounding says and to forge one's metal. Welcome and Hail!
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May 26
Hey guys. I'll try to be active if I find the community compelling. Honestly it does seem to be. My name is Will and I am in south west missouri. Satanist basically my whole life, I am 30 now. Very much a rebel to tyranny, something I feel many SAY but don't actualize.
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