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orange_juice Jun 28 '17
Hi all,

I have personally never encountered anything paranormal or inexplicable in my entire life. I've never seen or experienced anything strange and I don't know what to believe right now. I'm thinking the world can't be as simple as people say it is. There is plenty that can't be explained. Things we can't explain might be real. Maybe magic is just the word for what is not yet covered entirely by science, but is still very real? I've heard electricity was at first considered magical, dark and "satanic". Philosophically thinking: there could be something out there.

I'm open to the idea of magic being real. Occultism is clearly a place where very smart people go do dispense information. Not religion, not TV etc. I'm just skeptical right now. What they say it sounds quite crazy though for me as I've never experienced any of these crazy things.

However, I'm completely not open to any of the beliefs of right-hand path religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They are obviously all wrong. They are obviously manifestations of subconscious human ideals and archetypes.

Anyway, I've been reading Uncle Setnakt' s Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path. I'm enjoying it and finding it very interesting. However, I can't really tell if the rituals are just symbolic or more literal and theistic maybe. 

I'm thinking of giving this stuff a try. If rituals work, I want to use them.

What are your experiences with occult magic? results? problems?  Did they affect the outside world or just your mindset/psychology? Do you believe rituals harness mysterious forces or that they just affect your mind? Do you know if the writer of this book is talking about symbolic or theistic rituals? Is there a mysterious force not yet fully understood? DO THEY WORK?

Thank you.

orange_juice Jun 28 '17
ALSO. have you noticed how in "lords of the left hand path" and this book, both by stephen e flowers im quite sure....

they are tonnes of letters swapped around and made retarded on purpose. Maybe it's a secret message? Lol. Kinda joking but interesting.

orange_juice Jun 28 '17
Thanks, interesting reply.
orange_juice Jul 5 '17
And while it's not really part of the definition, you can expect a cult to be more radical or extreme.
Satanachia Aug 2 '17
I've had a lot of success with magick, especially revenge magick. I've also had a lot of success with money magick. Whenever I draw up a certain sigil, unexpected cash and wealth come to me. I fucking love chaos magick.
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orange_juice Aug 8 '17
"Opening. With some whistling, say the word "Eeee" nine times."

-page 52 of the book, detailing a certain ritual.  haha is this for real. funny, though i'd share this.

orange_juice Aug 14 '17
very true interesting
Galeazzo62 Member
Galeazzo62 Sep 1 '17
Would people have done them for thousands of years if they dididn't? Think about it.

orange_juice Sep 3 '17
i guess you could say christian prayer is occult ritual/magic lol. 
TheMystic Support
TheMystic Oct 3 '17
Most of what I have learned in the LHP is that it is essentially NLP. Anyone else come to this conclusion? 
orange_juice Oct 4 '17
Where can I find this blog post Zoramonkey?
MatthewJ1 Sep 3 '18

A few thoughts on the mechanics of ritual magic and the occult:


First, a cynical viewpoint – if someone could perform a specific ritual and obtain a specific result on every occasion then wouldn’t that be the greatest discovery in human history?


If I could complete a ritual and bring about any state of affair I wished to bring about then wouldn’t I be on the cover of Time magazine or be plastered all over televisions or the internet? Or, maybe, the government would have had me locked up by now?


I think magic carries the nomenclature, symbolism and procedures of past eras along with it. Magic also carries the philosophical/theological detritus of previous periods as well. Does anything ultimately get disposed of or rationalised?   


At one time it was perfectly acceptable to regard Being as God breathed and absolutely underpinned by a vast religious-metaphysical world – so magic seemed to be just a way of requesting assistance from hidden occult entities and getting it or not based on various factors.


During the era of modernity one grew to embrace subject/object dualism as the paradigm for the newly liberated enlightened individual in distinction to the “objectivity” out there. I think this modern philosophical watershed found its way into the practice of magic. Occultism, in this sense, is sort of premised on absolute or subjective idealism.


Who can say where magic is currently at, in terms of its philosophical framing, with the contemporary criticism of the subject/object relation, representation and identity, and the disintegration of the traditional religious world-view amongst many people?


It gets more and more confusing as time passes.


I think if pressed, I would state that magic is the explication, refining and display of the will before one-self, and then the impression or projection of that will upon appearance, and further that magic is the subjective manufacture of ideal essence, substance, representation, or narrative in distinction to and against the disparity, difference and particularity of Being.


Sounds like bullshit, but it is the only way I can explain it right now.    






MatthewJ1 Sep 4 '18

Thanks for your kind words about my posts. I have been a part of the satanic online community in one place or another for a few years. Just enjoying posting here a bit.


Some cool words from you in regards to ritual magic. Need to digest it and hopefully respond in a meaningful way.

Troll Member
Troll Jan 2 '19


My experience with occult magic is that the dimension of interest for results should be the primary vector of spell implementation. If you want to affect your own mind, do a spell in your mind, if you want to affect the physical world, employ a physical spell, if you want social results, distribute your spell components socially.

The biggest problems i've seen develop were people thinking that it was something other than probability-enhancement, turning fortune your way. They got mixed up and thought it would appear like can be found in Role-Playing Games or books or films.

The difficulty in part with this level of influence is signature display (identifying the tipping point and determining whether a spell had a sufficient influence to make a difference). My impression is that it has been much more important for me to do punctuated rites (various kinds, driven by intuition and exploration) than it was for mysticism or special Christian-trapped Hermetic submissives (i've avoided them as self-disabling and recommend against them for willful Lefties).

I believe as little as possible so take this into consideration. Belief is the 2nd mind-killer, right after fear. The false dichotomy you posit ("mysterious forces or ...just affect your mind") is unnecessary.

The rites i've done with gods weren't generally magical in a sense of trying to get something in the ordinary world, but were allying with powers. The rites i did with demons were similar but also had political interests toward affecting our species.

You would do well to refine your characterization of "work". My impression is that spells and rites have been beneficial for me to explore and i have oriented and settled myself just as i please using them. Study of several types and even fiction including it (such as "Master of Five Magics" and "The Earthsea Trilogy") and stage magic is recommended.

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David Grand
David Grand Jan 3 '19
Meet me
OldCrown Feb 23
Quote from TheMystic Most of what I have learned in the LHP is that it is essentially NLP. Anyone else come to this conclusion? 

Yes indeed! Check out anything by Wyatt Woodsmall on the youtubes.

NLP and game theory are my big ones.

G.B. Mar 8

i have done several rituals like described in the satanic bible. the results were amazing. i got what i asked for, in every single detail.

i know the church of satan says that occult magick isn´t acually real and its just for some kind of psychological freeing of the mind or something like that or whatever. but those rituals work extremely well nontheless, i don´t know why but they do. i don´t do them often, only when i really feel i need help with certain serious problems that aren´t easily resolved. i don´t enjoy doing rituals, its hard work, and i ask myself am i just some silly larper? am i out of my mind? but then the results kick in and i am happy and also baffled once again.

funny enough prayers back when i was a christian never had these great results.

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