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Hartnell Nov 15 '15

"The worship of the beast (and the snake in Gnosticism) is a personal choice but satanic worship is not submission bur rather admiration. Satanists who worships gods do it to learn from them and not because they fear them..."

Google : invocation chaos magick

You may dig it. :)

Hartnell Nov 19 '15
What's the difference?
Hartnell Nov 19 '15
As opposed to worship which is a ?
Troll Member
Troll Dec 3 '15

Quote from FraterLuciferi

> Satanism differs from other religions because 

> Satan is that kind of god who promotes free

> thinking and individuality. If you look at

> the myth and legends on Satan

Problem: almost all myth and legends on Satan have him as a demon or devil not a god.

> you will see he is a free thinker, a rebel

> against tyranny and the god of this world. 

The Christians call him God of This World. Few to none of the Satanists used this terminology in a positive and possessive manner until i did (Neo-Wiccan inversion in The Gospel of Satan). It was referring to Christian terms or the demiurgos.

> CoS {doesn't} support individualism as they

> always {claim} they own the term "Satanism"....

There's no necessary contradiction between these two things.

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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 4 '15
Speaking of Venus... Just a little story from when I was about 15yo.

I was pretty mixed up then (in hindsight I was confused and suffering a little post traumatic stress) and one night I was at the calm side of the island I lived on, sitting on the cement stairs which went down to a narrow beach. I was with friends but they were occupied and I was sitting alone. Because I felt so lost, I looked up to Venus (I felt connected because I am Libran and it is my ruling planet) and started talking to her in my mind.

Suddenly a light started squiggling on the stairs and because it startled me I turned around to yell at my friends but they were preoccupied - I thought one of them was shining a torch at close range. The light was about 2" in diameter and wrote on the stairs and then it disappeared. If it was a torch it would have had to come from the direction of the beach and there was nobody there. So I just figured that Venus saw me hurting and spoke back to me.

In hindsight, I guess it was one of those orbs - maybe a spirit trying to comfort me. I don't know..?
Anna Dec 5 '15
@Greyson Black

"The majority of Satanists today seem to have taken ownership of the word Satanism. They define what is and is not a Satanist by the measuring stick of LaVeyism or philosophy inspired by LaVeyism."

This is not true. To many the Satanic Bible is a mere starting point. It's mainly the CoS members that treat it like some sort of dogma.

"Satanism is also not Atheism, although Atheism is of Satanic spirit. Atheists are not Satanists any more than Buddhists are Satanists."

Actually, it's possible to combine Buddhism with Satanism. Buddhism is atheistic and it's more of culture and way of life than a typical religion. I also don't understand why you think Satanists can't be atheists. Do they have to worship Satan, in your opinion or what?

" Satanism as a religion/philosophy has no Biblical reference."

Why? While in many religions there are dark gods/bad guys and antiheroes, Satan as an archetype comes from the Bible. Satanism and the Church of Satan were a reaction to Christianity.

"Again, to sin is to do nothing more than embrace humanity. All humans are sinners."

True, yet they beg forgiveness. The difference between Satanism and other religions is that Satanism embraces human nature instead of denying or suppressing it. It's not just indulgence in the so-called sins. It's seeing the world as it is instead of as we think it should be.

"However, I will express again that LaVeyism is not Satanism. The CoS in its hay day was nothing more than a 60's sex cult wrapped in gothic circus psycho drama. Nude females danced in gloom with serpents to the throbbing of a ritual drum, almost engaging in bestiality in how close the creatures got to the nether regions of the ladies. Not that I have a moral issue with that. I just do not consider such practices as Satanism. Are they Satanic? Absolutely. My point is, I admire nothing about the CoS. It was and still is a joke."

I think you should give LaVey and the CoS much more credit. Would we be here in this forum if it wasn't for Anton LaVey? Many wannabe Satanists keep shit-talking LaVey but they are all inspired and influenced by him. Besides, the CoS was very much a tongue in cheek organization. It wasn't a mere parody of a Christian Church though, but some sort of the Carnival.

"Satan is not a character which man can worship by solely sacrificing babies or desecrating objects sacred to Christians, that much is fact."

The Earth is round - this is a fact. What you wrote above is your opinion. So suppose that someone wants to sacrifice babies to Satan and desecrate sacred objects. Who are you to tell him he's not a Satanist if he thinks he's one? It's your opinion vs his opinion.
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Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 5 '15
I was absorbed in thought regarding the idea of "what is true satanism" the other day and I remember someone saying something about satan being a rebel and that stuck with me.  The idea that satanism embraces realism rings true to me as well.  Ah well....back to murder she wrote....  I heart Angela Lansbury.
Hartnell Dec 7 '15
@Millsy: Yes, that's a very simple and easy to take answer.
Hartnell Dec 7 '15
It's OK. It's very difficult to be an individual.
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