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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 20 '18

Just some vague concepts i been kicking around the brain. Nothing ground breaking but maybe enough to get your gears turning. 


A man once hiked the tallest mountain in the land and vowed never to come down until he found God. He never came down. But on his grave which he made himself and lay down and died in said. ' The meaning of life is to simply live. I thought if I were to live on the tallest mountain alone closest to God I would know him and understand his ways. All I managed was to separate myself from those living their lives together down below and have grown old and lonely all alone. God therefore is the emptiness of nothingness . I gave my life to the void so  that  you may not spend yours wondering what is up on the mountain next to God. Live in the valley down below and rejoice in the pleasures with others around you. 


His folly was also buying into another human's thought invention (or mind art painted with a vague plausability). a god.the god.

Extrapolate this out into modern times and god becomes an actual isolate being rather than an ideal idea completly constructed with primate arrogance similar to when supetman comicbook fans write their own fan-fiction to fill out the backstory.All of it....outdated ancient obsolete concepts.The Isolate Intelligence is perhaps not the Universe or "somewhere out in the Universe" but I think its a certain localised property of the Earth's bio-field.Manifesting as your basic archetypes through the geometric platonic solids.Early man started attaching pragmatic meaning to at first. The more man removed itself from Nature's currents the more abstract our meanings became.Who knows what the original meaning (and source for that matter) of  god(s) was.
It was perhaps all the intervention of Nyarlat-HotepThe Crawling Chaos of 1,000 forms

Aliso doubtful God has a gender. 

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Anna Nov 20 '18
In my opinion, all the religions are only imperfect interpretations of God. All forms are limiting to divinity. If God had some form, like a gender, appearance etc. "he" wouldn't be God. A religion reflects like a mirror the society that created it. No wonder that patriarchal society has a male god. The void is some pseudo philosophical concept. Like that you must empty yourself of all preconceptions, ideas and beliefs to gain wisdom. It stems from the wacky belief that a human mind has an ability, through medidation for example, to somehow grasp the objective reality. But where do you have total emptiness, nothingness, void? Once you give up your old ideas, you replace them with new ones. The demise of one religion is the beginning of a new one. Is there some God beyond all those imaginings? Some pure divinity, uncontaminated by the Self? Perhaps. Or, perhaps God is supposed to be the mirror of the Self.
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AK Nov 20 '18

To your point: the first question whenever even mentioning something like "god" is (or at least should be) "well, what do you mean by 'god'?" One can't even begin to have a conversation about something for which there is no agreed-upon definition. Further more, it is generally a given that anything anyone can say about god is automatically false due to our inability to comprehend it. We just don't have the sensory apparatus or mental capacity to so much as fathom - much less unpack - such a thing.

That's the assertion, anyway. 

Whether or not such a thing exists,  we can't say because nothing can be known about it. Still, the concept is useful, and even if it only it exists as a concept, it still exists - if only a pointer or idea.

So far as I can tell, though, it's a pointer to something along the lines of "the truth" as a distinct thing unto itself. Complete and total unfiltered objective reality as-is. 

*^I am the truth

This might not be the right answer, and it's likely I'll re-evaluate my position as one tends to with further study and influence - but as I see it "today" the notion of "god" as "truth" like a thing-unto itself makes a lot of sense. The axis of good and evil can be ignored in favor of truth and falsity, and I think we're more likely to "get somewhere" thinking in those terms. 

The assumption being, that what is "good" "is". If something were better - as-in better suited to exist than what is - it would "be". This seems to answer God's admonishment of Job and Buddhists insistence that the cause of suffering is clinging, and even LaVey's contempt for self-deceit. 

It seems a bit one sided to insist, on the one hand, that Satan is a "symbol" while glazing over the notion that god is probably one as well. If you really think about these sorts of things, no one ever said God's some dude in the clouds. That occurs nowhere nowadays except in the minds of pre-adolescent children incapable of abstract thought - and for the same reasons no one ever said Satan's this guy with a pitchfork that lives at the center of the earth. The abstractions these things point to, at least in my mind, are far more awe-inspiring.

One could very well say that, yeah! one is judged, condemned, and redeemed by the truth - by the world as-is. This also reigns back-in the notions of illusion, falsehood, and slander, generally associated with the Satan of the New Testament and even Mara. Deception is a pretty unique human characteristic, after all. It is at the heart of "magic". A capacity worth mulling-over.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 20 '18
My conceptualization of god:  50% Freemasonry (or so I have heard). Sans all the Temple of Solomon esoteric crap and literal forces of whatever - the grand architect or master of the postmodern.

There is one grand mantra of our statistical pendulum experience, and that is NATURE DOESN' T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU.  God is the is spark from an old rusty American car in the Santa Ana winds. No anthropomorphic qualities or specific intent. No duality. Just the things that get one to run from the hills for their lives.

People can argue "the essence of god" is in the response to adversity or the coming together in the aftermath. To me that is just the empathetic nature of species solidarity, even if they know not what they do. It is also heavily susceptible to self-aggrandizing faux magnanimous pomp. 

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EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Jun 1
For the sake of entertaining the fact that god/gods exist.. 
The bible(I took a lot of religion electives in college) right on the first pages says that a god, the one of Abraham, created mankind in his likeness.  Thus implying that he was in fact male.
Now still sticking to the idea that we are created in his image, could suggest that (G)od himself had a companion.

Also noteworthy for Christians who believe there is only one god can be completely rebuked because it is insinuated multiple times in the bible that god is a jealous god. Starting with Exodus 20:5.  So what could god be jealous of if he were the one and only god out there?

but I really can't understand how intelligent people can believe in the existence of (G)od.  Once I have proof, I may change my mind. Santa and the tooth fairy we learned early on were fabricated for some reason. I guess humans just have a need to believe in "something bigger than themselves." I believe in trees ...

Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jun 1

William Makepeace Thackeray." Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children."

Does it matter if god exists,  

           Would knowing if it did or didn't make a difference or just give  a face to the contempt we would feel knowing that the creator for fact doesn't give a shit if we suffer in a game rigged to fail. 

            I know my ansistors birthed my existence and there stories are my bible I can see and hold the proof. I am god of my life yes i am subjected to natural law, so be it. I honestly dont care if God as in a one being is real or not, it make no difference me.

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