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JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Sep 20 '14
- See Paris.

- Finish a solo record.

- Build a greenhouse.

"Get busy livin' or get busy dyin', Andy Dufresne."

What are the goals of your finite vitality?

Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Sep 21 '14
1. Visit Europe, particularly Germany and Finland.

2. Have a 3D printer and just make, like, *everything*

3. Make a game

johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Sep 25 '14
Participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, maybe win.
LeVi Lockwood
LeVi Lockwood Oct 6 '14
Spend a year riding my Harley with the goal of bedding down in every state capitol. 
Pilgrimm Oct 13 '14
See Maury live
Shoot anti-material rounds in a plane graveyard
Live in a tower in a city (CM Tower, Space Needle, Sunsphere)
Personally fly an AC-130
See an aurora
rigosantana3 May 7 '15
Machinistsikenstine Jul 12 '15
1 master welding and blacksmithing
2 bring back the senseless brutality of siege and trench warfare with the inevitable beginning of world war 3.
3 make chainswords a reality
RevMel Member
RevMel Jul 21 '15
I want to return and die in my mother's Scotland. I belong to a proud low-lander Clan-Fleming.
In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas 666
1. Always support Satanic International Network (SIN) worldwide.
2. Bring many people to worship Our Lord Satan.
3. And destroy fucking christianity.


Beavery Aug 16 '15
I tend to focus on a specific goal and once the goal is achieved I seek out a new one.
At present:
1.) Take market shares from a company which competes with the company I work for by developing a new product which is superior to theirs. (This will keep me busy for 2 yrs.)

Always on my list:
1.) Have lots of sex.
2.) Play allot of golf.
3.) Enjoy the outdoors.
Jorōgumo Aug 20 '15
1) Have a well paying job that I enjoy
2) Direct a few films
3) Breed monitors
4) Own a private zoo and aquarium
5) See the world
6) Indulge all my fantasies at least once
7) Cage dive with a great white
8) Get 6 little rabbits
Jason King
Jason King Sep 8 '15

Quote from FraterMoloch as i need spiritual guidance to find love and sex in next life
TMI, dude, TMI.

Well at least you know to stop calling yourself father . . .
Heh Sep 8 '15
1. Train with the Taoist Warrior Monks in Wudang Mountains.

2. Become part of a magical order and be initiated at least to 2nd Degree or at least join a Coven that helps on my magical journey for the time being.

3. Visit Greek temple ruins, especially those dedicated to Athena and Hecate (if they still exist).

4. Visit ancient pyramids around the world.

5. Make lots of money to enjoy and share with causes I support and the people I love.

6. Lots of other things. Life is full of things to do.

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