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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Dec 12 '19
I am curious. Does anyone here have any proof this has ever been done? Or, does anyone without proof believe they have done this? 

This is not a sarcastic post nor am i trying to set someone up for ridicule. I just want to hear it. Kinda like ' I saw a UFO !'  . ( I actually did ) . 

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 12 '19

Well, UFO's exist and are technologically based. If you go through AFA (Air Force ROTC) it has a curiculum devoted to it, ghosts and paranormal shit doesn't require a brief or even compare.

Keep in mind people are wired to believe shit moving without seeming cause is explained through invalid causal reasons, such as ghosts. They really can't help their programming, really.  

Though I will say once you witness telepathy, a lot like harmonic levitation, you will never fear the poltergeist. Jerky sudden animation of the inanimate becomes completely scientific. 

I too want to hear testimonials, as I enjoy debunking faith-based/uncritical reasoning.

And speaking of which...

Believe it or not, Zach, you saw (Phoenix incident) a neutral buoyancy 'delta wing stealth airship' with a wingspan 20% longer than an A380 (around 315 ft), and later drones. The Air Force was testing a low altitude vehicle. They purposely flew over Las Vegas, Prescott Valley, Phoenix, and Tucson to test new "Invisibility technology" like this..  Except for the whooshing sound of "air propulsion" (releasing of its own ballast, helium, through directional valves), it is completely silent. Chronology of sighting timeframe suggests a speed of 80-90 knots. 

That's why everyone who saw the "V shaped craft" reported it as "shimmering" and virtually without sound.  After calls flooded in to 911 centers about a 'giant flying V' The USAF sent up a bunch of drones (or other craft that can hover) to distract everyone with a light show, and of course focus on whether or not they were flares dropped from A-10's. 

They even tested on a night everyone was looking at the sky to see a comet. 

After that you stop giving a shit what an Air Force Base in the Nevada desert does with its contractors. 

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Username333 Mar 30
Yep I've summoned demons Zach, unfortunately there's not even a bit of evidence i can share. 

I've even seen people being possessed by demons and I've been possessed too. A lot of fun makes you want to be high on LSD and forget everything. lol 
i want to summon demons lol. 
Aborior Translatione
Demons (And also psychic ability) Demystified. 

Artifacts of the mind. They occur simply by having knowledge of demonology and what is referred to in Nepal as a Tulpa, or in Stephen King as Tony, The Little Kid That Lives In Danny's Mouth. 

You can hear shit. Talk to shit. Skim some crazy psychic world wide web and gleam answers from the white noise of your own thoughts. You can even refine it and differentiate levels of plausibility in that white noise. None of it needs anything ethereal to happen either. 

Remember it can only tell you what you have knowledge of. Like all superstition it is locatotional and based on colloquial lore. You feed it. You make it. You experience it. Or "channel it", as its called. And if the belief you put in is strong enough you will get broken by it. You can end up like Agent Cooper on Twin Peaks smashing your face on a mirror asking where Annie is. And that's not a joke. 

So strong it can make true believers out of almost anyone. 

It will become your fears and fall right into the Christian dynamic simply because you have knowledge of that myth. 

They work like schizophrenic hallucinations in they are scripted by stimulus in the life of the individual. 

If the case of John Nash: breaking one code for the Military once led to him thinking Ed Harris enlisted him to find messages in periodicals. His enrollment in college gave himself a roommate. Works like that. 

The unknown part of this delves into telekinesis. And once you've seen it done you start wondering, maybe it's the just belief that a place is haunted that causes all these MOTHERFUCKING ANNOYING SHORT BURSTS OF KINETIC MOTION TO HAPPEN? 

"Oh, good for you, you knocked a pen off a shelf. Can you knock over goats too?"

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Berardo Rodriguez Member
Two months ago I was summoning  Belial the Prince of the earth,  it was in a personal  diabolical ritual, I did it at midnight, but He didn't come at  that moment.  To my surprise,  a week later I had a weird visitation after midnight,  I was not sleeping,  I was seating  and reading,  then somebody knocked at the door of my room, I thought it was the landlord,  I opened it,  and again,  to my surprise,  it was not the landlord,  the landlord's dog was barking very furious  upstairs  looking down to the basement where I have my room. As I said, I opened the door and there He was, I said:"Come in,  you're very welcome,  but you don't look like the image I had in my mind ",  He asked me:" What image did you have?",  I replied :"  I thought you were taller with a warrior's  armor  and a sword in your hand and black wings ",  He smiled,  He was dressed in a long black robb  , I saw His face  very skinny like a  skull, then in a very serious  and deep voice  He asked me:" How do  you know I am Belial " , I answered Him:" It is because  He is the one I summoned   and I've been waiting for you,  and there is not a  piece of doubt in my mind and heart that you are the one I've been waiting for ,  and why did it take you so long to come?", He answered : " I do what I want in my own time,  tell me what do you want and why did you sommen me?" , I said:" I'm very sick and tired of this fucking life I've been living,  please take me with you,  I'm ready to go ", He looked at me direct to my eyes and I felt His courage coming to me through His eyes,  and in a voice that I can't describe He said: "Not yet ", then He disappeared like smoke in the air. Then the landlord came fro  the third floor to help the dog and he said to his dog :" What's wrong? " , and the dog stopped barking. I kept quiet in my room,  and I have been meditating  on what was going on with me. I don't drink alcohol and I don't take any drugs,  I was not sleeping,  this was so real as when I go to work every day. 
talisman Apr 6
Well, there is a simple experiment. Can you spend a night alone in a cemetery? If there are no spirits, then this won't be a problem. 
Aborior Translatione
That's actually incredibly fun. Surpassed only by the abandoned sanitarium. 

Can't see shit at the cemetery.. Though places around cemeteries will have stories. 

Where you gotta go is the places where they died, especially dramatic deaths. The lasting imprint of that occurance. 

Pretty much like this: 

Not really ghosts, disembodied spirits or even sentient, but picture shows of fucked up shit as it happened. 

My friend in Wilmington, NC has all types of stories of a certain rural road where it's par-for-the-course to see entire families lynched in the trees. Mirrored by the dozens of historical occurrences of that actually happening in that very locale. Snapshots of trauma.

You don't see them at the cemetery, you see them in the trees they were literally lynched in. 

We will call this the "Arlie Gardens Challenge", where people keep seeing it even without conscious knowledge of the lore associated.  

I personally think, based on my own experience,  it's sort of a "collective unconcsious schizophrenia". Daylight dreams of historical significance, sometimes of things you may not be consciously aware of.  

I won't even say it's an optical illusion either, or call them retarded. My ex saw it in broad daylight without me even bringing it up or knowledge of the local urban legend. I know these people know what they are seeing isn't an eye trick. 

Anyway, why do stories of supernatural occurances suggest there are spirits when It could just as easily suggest something about our temporal existence. Time snapshots or something. People seeing discrepancies in time itself.


Sleeping in haunted creepy places is a FUCKING BLAST.

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talisman Apr 6
Well, in the movies there should be a bloodshed for spirits to occur. There's a lot of Hollywood in you mind. It's just an emotion industry that teaches you where and when and what to feel. That has nothing to do with spirits really. 
Aborior Translatione
Stephen King's head. And you missed the point entirely. Do you know the Dutch kid? 

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