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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Mar 30
Here is some food for thought. Little known fact. I can not read or write so I just stick to making YouTube videos. This one is about if the label Satanism is still relevant in 2020. 

Jun 14

it is of my opinion (let me repeat that - JUST MY OPINION)  that people who look towards Satanism arrive with notions that Satanism is something dark - they didn't arrive with dick in hand to find out that Satanism and Luciferianism has nothing to due with the Devil or at least dark forces - there is an expectation... the current definitions of Satanism and Luciferianism and related  branches are basically a boner killer for most INITIALLY - they expected dark Lords howling "HAIL SATAN" while they penetrate their moms and make their fathers watch...  they are looking for a fuck you to conservatives and organized religions - so honestly the realization of what it is all about is a grave disappointment but they will band with those of like mindset if they can find some kind of venue in which to play - mostly (I think) just tumblr sites etc... 

a precious few will continue to investigate the realms of organized Satanism/Luciferianism - and a very precious few will find a stronghold in those communities and become invested in those often very ridged methodologies and subscribe - it just seems all to familiar - "this is what we are about and this is what you must conform to" - people don't arrive at the dark arts because they want to conform to someone else's theology... 

in a nut shell I believe that "Satanism" and "Luciferianism" are a huge let down for the people who have come searching for the darker side of theology and that is why that titles like "Left Handed Path" are gaining traction - people want power - they don't want to be controlled by some washed down version of what they initially set out to find...  

Dark Enlightenment
It is my opinion Satanism's label relevancy is iconoclasm is amalgamated form. All encompassing to represent something rooted within. 

For the many drawn to the window displays, there are the few drawn to anarchy. The few of the biblical Lucifer parable, I mean the few that can actually fucking do it. It really is a matter of having 'it' or not.  Many will say "blah blah adversary, principle, blah individuality", but when it comes time they will be complacent. "Houseniggers" abound. Rational Self interest dictates Lucifer still serve god to maintain his station while on the inside disagreeing with him.  Just can't rationalized throwing the firey sword at god and giving up the 'reward'.  Not like you have to turn to scorned vengeneance either. You just forgo anything associated with you submission. 

That pretty much applies to every principle one can hold. Not locked into any specific ideology. 

Personally, and to make it easier, I just say I am Popular Reform Buddhist.  I made up the label, but it speaks to the cherry picking and use of the concepts like "impermanence", "suffering", and "non-self" (see nihilism) that form my world view.  And wouldn't you know It, it is completely antithetical to the concepts of "everlasting", "holy spirit", and "destiny".  Works very nicely with antitheism and acts of principled self-immolation! The only ones still doing Lucifer shit are the Tibetan Buddhists anyway.    

And why has Lucifer never been compared to Buddha?

Start with myth. They both employed the use of a sword to reject the status quo and cast themselves out of opulence over perceived inequality. One took issue with double standards, was cast down, and turn DC Comic villain (or anti-hero vigilante), the other found enlightenment under a tree and then died a magnanimous consumer of peasant botulism... but he knew it would kill him! Just like The Jesus! 

* And I mean classic archetypal depiction. Please no etymology nerd get into it with The King of Babylon, names with a bunch of 'Z's', and the vulgate venus whatever's.  I can read Wikipedia. 

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80sbb Jun 16
they are many different sects in all religions. I think some group somewhere would still go with satanism either way. I follow spiritual satanism so I would still go by the label satanic or satanist
Dark Enlightenment
As a 'Spiritual' Satanist I was wondering how you feel about free market communism, altruistic objectivism?  
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Evilishious Jun 17
Satanism as a label is multifaceted but I believe the philosophy is still just as relevant as ever. Who cares if a bunch of fruit loops paint everything with rainbows? Look at it as another stratification tool . TST is herding liberal equality and my little ponies. 
Berardo Rodriguez Member
All the time that the Christian religions exist on the years to come, the label of "Satanist, Satanism, Satanic, and so forth " will exist, it doesn't matter if those groups which are been labeled  as  such refuse it or try to erase it, their actions will testify that they are the true followers of the Prince of Darkness, and that will continue for a long , long, long, long period of time until the Abrhamic religions  perish  upon the face of the earth ,  it is because, they  will always need somebody y or something  to "label" as "the opposite of God" and the best word in their Bible is : "SATAN" and all the synonyms of that word. Therefore ,  for those who are trying  to run from that label, their lives and actions will bring  forth the label they are running from.
Oct 2
The worship of Satan will always be Satanism. All gods are psychological projections of the human ego which is an emotional expression that happens as a result of intellectual decompression. When the Satanist engage in a complete satanic ceremony he will experience Satan despite the devil don't exists. Therefore theistic and atheistic Satanists can agree that TST are not Satanists because it's simple a fact.

BTW, I don't perform rituals myself but I would participate in a satanic Halloween ceremony if I could.

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Dark Enlightenment
How the fuck can you seriously experience Satan from a fucking pageant? Doesnt matter how many black robes and dark spooky things there are; the occult section is still part of the bookstore. 

When I think experiencing Satan I think of some little scrawny nerdy shit getting bullied to the point where he follows one home, slaughters the entire family, traps the kid in the corner with an AR-15 and says something like, "Beg for your life bitch! Who's the bitch now? Not so easy where you don't have all your bitch friends with you, is it?" 

I'd say presencing "Satan" is more along those personal lines in the sand of being fucked with. 

 And then one can say, "The devil made me do it."  

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Brother Shamus
No, you must overcome your need to do something shocking and retaliatory. That's what a refined person does. Passively turn the other cheek and rationalize it as being above conflict.  It's all about ridding yourself of these impulses, just like Crowley did with heroin! 

Otherwise, you are just a devil's reject, and you don't want to be that do you?

*Apologies on the first clip that cut out the best part, what's the point without seeing him beat him in the head?

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Anna Oct 2
I thought tuning the other cheek was a part of being a Christian? At least, in theory. 
Oct 11

Quote from Zach Black Here is some food for thought. Little known fact. I can not read or write so I just stick to making YouTube videos. This one is about if the label Satanism is still relevant in 2020. 

Good talk. Accurate historic retelling and commentary.

I stand that the label is more of an afterthought.
Labels are for identification. Of personalization. Of intimacy and the statement of a state of being.

In the grand view of things, the label is a mood point.
The walk is more than the talk.

Western society has come to a point where Satan is more of a clown and society itself has become more terrifying than the devil itself in terms of degeneracy and antinomian behavior.

The new Satan is that which diametrically opposes this stance. Which calls out the silliness of all modern movements. Which yells to the LGBTQABC...-crowd to get back in their fucking closets if their endgame is public parades and plumes up their asses before indoctrinating kids with half-assed pedophilia. 

A lot has changed in the last 10 years.
The pendulum swings.

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