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Jul 4 '20
I have been rather busy as of late, today I have felt the need to make this post on the subject. Being a member of a Setian/Satanist Facebook group, we all have received the news of Michael A. Aquino's departure. I have personally felt the need to inform others about the news of his passing, concerning the known man. The news of Michael A. Aquino's death was never put forth by others on the year he passed, instead it was updated later on in 2020 I believe. It has sadden me greatly to see such a beloved person, respected and influential writer, and LHPer to hear of his health slowly decline through death. Dr. Aquino has been a very intelligent individual throughout his years of involvement with the Church of Satan, and later through the Temple of Set. His last book the Revised version of his own Satanic Bible, was one of his best well written books that was published among that period before his expiration. The man has been a great and respectful influence among Black Magicians, Setians, and the like who tread on the Path of Darkness. May he rest in peace, and may we wish him the best on the next life of his being. 

(Some of you that maybe unsure of the news can visit the mans own personal web page through the Xeper.Org site. I didn't want to post a link to his site, since I want to make this post as professionally written from the outsider reading this.)

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Anna Jul 4 '20
Thanks for the info. He was sick for a considerable time, as he himself admitted. I know him from the 600 Club. He seemed a bit dull to me but he was always a gentleman, never resorting to shit-talk. 
Jul 4 '20
I was not aware of the man but thank you for noting his passing.  He sounds like he was quite influential.
Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Jul 4 '20
On Ignore: compassion, respect, mourning, surprise, reverence. 

He's a pedantic mindstar now.

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Jul 4 '20

Accomplished more than you ever will.

Did he ever disclose what he knew about The Stargate? It was one of the shows he talked about, and he worked at Cheyenne Mountain in an intelligence psycon capacity, why an Army dude was at an Air Force administered installation is yet to be fully understood, but he made references to a Stargate actually existing, a few times.   It may also makes Donald Trump a logical Goa'uld administration, maybe Anubis. Or Osiris, wouldn't that be a trip?
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Jul 5 '20
Naberius, Michael Aquino helped the Church of Satan back in the 60's through the 70's, him and Dr. LaVey were originally pretty close. He has helped even to ghost write a bit on the Satanic Rituals booklet, including writing the Diabolicon which is one of the best Satanic literature you can read on. His ghost writing of the Satanic Rituals was still put within the book, even though he resigned his position within the Church of Satan. The Diabolicon was originally going to be published within the Church of Satan I believe, but it was left out after his resignation.

On the subject of being an important respected and influential figure, I would say he helped expand the Western Left Hand Path.

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MatthewJ1 Jul 8 '20

This is sad news. I spent time exchanging thoughts with Michael Aquino at the 600 Club. That was a while ago. He was very articulate and intelligent. He was also willing to take the time to present his views to any sincere person.


I didn’t really perceive the Prince of Darkness in the same way he did, but liked his posts anyway. I didn’t share his worldview.


Michael Aquino used to get into some heated debates over at the 600 Club. It’s a pity that the 600 Club is gone, or at least unavailable, as those debates made for great reading.  

Aug 2 '20
It is a shame as he was articulate and posed interesting ideas from time to time.

Had few good conversations with the man.
I knew of his decline due to his latest hit with cancer.

Not all he has written should be held up to the standard.

Some of his material was a bit "tainted" but never the less gave good and valuable insights.

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