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Sep 20 '20
Many and some may or may not have heard about Friedrich Nietzsche. For those who are not familiar with him, Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher. He has been an influence to several political philosophies, including Satanism and the Left Hand Path. I discovered Nietzsche years ago from noticing his name on the "Special Thanks" list on the Satanic Bible written by Anton LaVey. At first being young at the time, I wasn't really certain to reading his works. It was later on from stumbling on Zach Black's youtube channel that I heard the name Thomas Leroy. (I of course mentioned about this individual on my previous thread) Mr. LeRoy is an interesting man who has made dozens of educational videos on the Left Hand Path. It was then that I stumbled on Mr. Nietzsche again.

Being intrigued I didn't know when to start reading up on this philosopher. It was finally years later that I began reading some of his works, "The Anti Christ," "Will to Power," and "Thus Spoke Zarathustra." (Still actually finishing up "Will to power" ). I should began on explaining a bit of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra."  The Book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" is one that I would recommend for any old and new folk here. I consider the book to underline the core concept of LHP and Satanic philosophy. This book explains the concepts of the OverHuman or Ubermensch, of how the human is to be overcome in order to become that Superman. Hence in Nietzsche's view he regards it to be a bridge in order to become that Ubermensch, henceforth being you might say the Lord to one's own destiny. Some of you like me have been trying to achieve this goal before opening up that book. To those who have not started opening this captivating book, buckle your seatbelt's and be in for a reflection of empowerment. Meanwhile here is a video for your mere curiosity my friends.

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