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??? Feb 10

I go by Kleopatra now, but my alias used to to be Sakura here on SIN about 9 years ago.

I used to do shit tons of writing, but due to drug addiction and mental illness, I haven't fucked around with any of that in 10 years. I am hoping I can get back to it here.

I also have a useless fine arts degree, applied science degree in biotechnology, and a phlebotomy license. And now after all that effort, I'm just

 a damn custodian. 

Plus I miss some of the folks here. I am a distant and apathetic cunt these days but that's only because I am a broken bitch at the moment. I am genuinely trying to put myself back together. 

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Devil Warship
Devil Warship Feb 10
Welcome back, Cassandra. I'm brand new, but glad to see more people on the board. You need to get writing and sharing it with us! 
??? Feb 11
Thank you 
Anna Feb 11
You really don't come across as an "apathetic cunt." Let not the everyday struggles put you down. I finished studies and change my foster grandmas and grandpas diapers. Still I don't think my education was useless. Work is not the only reason why you learn stuff. Flexibility, a bit of humility and not fearing any work are incredibly useful in difficult times.

There are very few old members remaining here. Still, perhaps, you will find something for yourself here. Anyway, welcome back. 

MatthewJ1 Feb 15
Welcome back Cass. Has it really been 9 years? Time does fly by.
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