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Anna Jun 10 '21

"It is hard to take someone seriously"

Please... What has happened to the sense of humor?
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Jun 10 '21
Satanism and occultism are 2 different things. Nothing hinder Satanists in practice magick but many just don't do because they either don't believe in it or find it useless.
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Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Geraldo Respuesta Jun 10 '21

Quote from MatthewJ1


I did a Google search on the word “vortec” and note the word relates to motor car engines. I’m assuming the correct word should be vortex? It is hard to take someone seriously when they can’t even choose the right words to explain something, which they should have arrived at through the painstaking accumulation of insight and language, and by doing it over and over. Frankly, in my opinion, it takes years to figure all this shit out…


I think one has to have an entire worldview in place, before making a definitive claim about magic. Successful magic (whatever you think that is) comes at the end of some serious experience and thought, I think.


Vortecs, nexuses and vectors aren’t a worldview.



I know the usefulness of the vortacs.  They lead me along  way through shimmering cosmos. Thry have names like DOR and BOT, and if you traverse through the world you will know their ritual purpose. Through using ritual decompression I can achieved my final destination using dark vortacs. With concentration of the mind I can harness the power of the magic.  

I know my worldview because I am a Satanist and I practice magic. I am real because I know my path and route realized if I navigate the waypoints correctly. 

It's a hard concept to understand the pathways of the god mind and how to file the mind plan. 

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Aborior Translatione
@ MatthewJ1 

I wouldn't take the above poster too seriously. Respuesta means answer in Spanish. I'm thinking Anna called it out correctly and Tom Riddle has a Jerry Answer now. 

MatthewJ1 Jun 10 '21

Ha ha - yes, thank you to Anna and Aborior. I get a bit too serious at times.


 To Geraldo, I found this on Google in relation to "Vortacs:" ‘VORTAC is a radio-based navigational aid for aircraft pilots consisting of a co-located VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) beacon and a tactical air navigation system (TACAN) beacon.’


Geraldo, I’m so inspired and deeply moved by “Vortacs” and “Vortecs” – that shit is the essence of magic.


Wolfie Jun 19 '21

RobLaQuq Jun 23 '21

Quote from Cornelius Coburn

This may be a mess because I don't remember exactly. Charlie talked about rivers under the desert. There is a black metal band named Acheron, a river to Hades, the underworld, or, Hell.

The lead singer of said band was a high priest of some Satanic church of which Charlie may have been a member at some point.

Vincent Crowley is a High Priest in COS, Charles Manson was never a member of COS
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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Jun 23 '21
Yeah I tried to tie all that shit together like I had once before. It was a long time ago when I wrote it the first time. It was fresh in my memory and better then.

I messaged it to a dude who was a Satanist on YouTube and he thought it was cool, but yeah, it was better the first time. The entire thing was seeded from the Acheron, and "rivers under the desert".

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Jun 23 '21
But not only was the dude a Satanist, but he was pretty big into Manson and called him "Charlie", which I suppose was the reason for me doing it.
Infernal Acumen Member
Infernal Acumen Sep 17 '21
Are there any particularly great book recommendations for occultism in general? (Besides the usual, The Satanic Bible, The Bible of the Adversary, The Book of the Law, The Lesser Keys of Solomon, etc.)


Anything less well-known or not so widely considered/talked about?

Phil_Lopian Sep 17 '21
THIS BOOK is perhaps the most revered and critically acclaimed occult book in Mundane pop-occulture fagdom. If you don't own yet, you need to get it! 

Be the talk of your neighborhood! Impress your friends! Be admired by the ladies [or men if you are gay, which most likely is the case if you search for such kinds of shit]! Learn the Secret to wealth, power, and fame! Manifest all of your dreams!

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MatthewJ1 Sep 17 '21

Infernal Acumen: ‘Are there any particularly great book recommendations for occultism in general? (Besides the usual, The Satanic Bible, The Bible of the Adversary, The Book of the Law, The Lesser Keys of Solomon, etc.)

Anything less well-known or not so widely considered/talked about?’


I’m assuming you’re seeking a worldview, or an ontology, or a deeply grounded philosophical position?


There is an abundance of scholarly work from academics. A lot of this material, however, examines the right hand path esoteric and mystical tradition. This work has come out of universities and is peered reviewed. It is epistemologically sound.


Some of the scholars, who have made a name for themselves in this space, are Antoine Faivre, Wouter Hanegraaff, Arthur Verluis, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Brian Copenhaver and a number of other writers.


I believe you can learn so much more about the Western esoteric and mystical traditions, as they pertain to the right hand path, by studying the works by the above named authors and their peers. The work of those above mentioned guys are more valuable than any other type of book on the subject. The works, by the above writers, are completely different from the book Chloe provided a link for above. Again, there is properly conducted historical research, sophisticated discourse, peer review, and proper epistemological standards.


The left hand path is a different sort of beast. In my view, all of the old grimoires and books of black magic from long ago are useless. In my view, those old LHP books all partake of, or are implicated in, or are underpinned by the same old absolute formal idealism, the metaphysics of presence or substance, the taxonomy of Being, and the intentional consciousness, which the RHP built as its metaphysical domain.


That sort of LHP, described in old grimories or black magic books, ontologically APPEARS to be the Other of this RHP, but is really just locked up inside the worldview of this RHP – it is hence not the Other of this RHP at all.


If you’re looking for a genuinely LHP ontology then you have to start out elsewhere, in my view. I would recommend Friedrich Nietzsche’s reading of Heraclitus, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gilles Deleuze’s reading of Nietzsche, and to some extent the work of Deleuze.


I’m not such a great fan nowadays of the sort of modernist subject centered position, which Anton LaVey appeared to subscribe to. There may be some value in looking at Martin Heidegger or Freud or Ernest Becker or Stirner or Redbeard to ground a subjectivist position, but I think the universe outlined by Heraclitus, Nietzsche and Deleuze is far darker and far more profound.       


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