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Anna Oct 10
This is somewhat inspired by the complaints about the discussions here not being civil or serious enough, but not only. Do you think that Satanism should go with some specific etiquette? If so, then what kind of etiquette? Are manners important to you? Do you stay civil only to those you think deserve it or everyone? Do you care about social decorum whether in your daily life or online?
Aborior Translatione

Yes, the Keyser Size Usual Suspects variant is a popular one. This is the archetypal cloak and dagger. The greatest tricks and all. 

This dude (below) was supposedly a gentlemen.. unless you fuck him, after he told you NEVER to do that.  Can you elevate him to a devil incarnate? He was a living god that owned at least two countries at one point. 

Joke clarifaction: Alejandro Sosa is actually based on a Bolivian named Roberto Suarez Gomez. Pablo just was a better example. 

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Berardo Rodriguez Member
I think the Devil is a very gentle and respectful being,  the King of Darkness will not force a person to be ruled by ethics or moral codes or even to abide under religious or civil laws.  I as a human being abide by those ethics, laws,  codes ,etc. which are beneficial to my well-being , there are  many people here in this House of Hell  who know me personally , and in my community,  they know that  I live a very pious  life better than any of the saints they know about,  just imagine that I live a very consecrated life not contaminating  myself  with any of the so called 'sins' that their Scriptures points as such, I am a 'son of the Devil' as they call me, why? because I don't agree with their stupidity on how they view the Devil. They  haven't answered Epicurus' old questions which I ask them too : " IS GOD WILLING TO PREVENT EVIL,  BUT NOT ABLE?,THEN HE IS IMPOTENT. IS GOD ABLE,  BUT NOT WILLING?, THEN HE IS MALEVOLENT.  IS GOD ABLE AND WILLING? WHENCE THEN IS EVIL?

I live and I will continue living a life accordingly as I want and as I feel pleased , I think every particular person here, should behave accordingly as what he or she considers to be good for her-him. S.I.N. has its own policies,  if someone breaks the rules,  then the administrators will deal with it.   I remember an old saying "STUPID PEOPLE MAKE STUPID THINGS,  BUT WE NEED THEM TO SHINE OUR WISDOM "

Cornelius Coburn
The Devil, Satan, and Satanism/Satanic. I don't know, but a while back I visited with an old friend(a few times) who doesn't have Facebook, but a good friend of his does, which is also a friend of mine. They both live out in the sticks, about seventy miles from where I live now, and I know a few in the area having lived there for five years in the 80s.

Anyway, one night I messaged friend number two and said "Hey(his name), check this place out", and gave a link to here, and then after that they got quiet and all weird. I don't even think they looked but just went off their preconceived notions.


Satanism has a bad rep, that's for sure. I even gave my sister who I hardly ever see a link to here, and now she's acting all weird, and quiet. So fuck it. I just keep it to myself from now on.

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Infernal Acumen Member

As far as etiquette, I don't see why anything other than basic common courtesy should be extended in an effort to have progressive thought-provoking conversation. That's how people build each other and thus further develop themselves. Its difficult to do this when egos are constantly clashing.

The reason I have retain a reasonably stable posture throughout my presence in these forums is because as a dedicated and successful professional who has worked in high level environments, professional communication has been drilled into me. In addition, I have undergone fairly stressful events which really does turn the dial down on everything else in life. Nothing in any conversation will ever match the stress I have endured while working towards mission accomplishment under the pressure of corporate America at the threat of my life or job.

It helps to build if people are able to come together in cooperation rather than with knives at each other's throats.

Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle 2 hours ago
No it should not. The devil is the boy in the emperor's new clothes. The reason why people on mainstream social media becomes dumber and dumber is because their opinions are never challenged as their feelings are protected by the political correctness. Facebook have become so political correct that there is no freedom of speech. It's a echo chamber now.
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