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Zakkary Jun 2
Satan as the antagonist in the Judeo Christian sense is the 'rebel'.... or 'protester' he who disobeyed out of a conviction he had been wronged by God. As many here have grown up within a predominantly Judeo Christian influenced Western culture, but have not fit in with the mainstream, Satan and Satanism is an obvious identity and expression of opposition. I think there is a core to what Satanism is, and it is rebellion.... beyond this essential core.... everything else is extrapolation. The pagan esotercism, the politics, magical traditions and delusions of granduer and power.... are much the same in any tradition.... although some manifestations are more the result of personality disorder and/or neurdevelopmental disorder..... ?
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Dark Enlightenment
I doesn't even matter anymore.  

If it's a "fuck you switch" in the core of an individual then the fucking Christian Neocons are way more Satanic now. The Devil role the republican candidate is going to play is going to be FUCKING HILARIOUS. Gets to switcheroo with the woke status quo. 


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rigo666 Jun 3
This is what Satanism means today:

Cornelius Coburn
It's a good oldy. I wasn't aware they were so gay acting though. Maybe they're singing in metaphors. I think they used to do that a lot back then because it wasn't nearly as ideal a time to be gay. 

You think Elton John was really singing about rockets?

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OxC Jul 29

To quote Beauvoir on Hegel: “Hegel tells us in the last part of The Phenomenology of Mind that moral consciousness can exist only to the extent that there is disagreement between nature and morality. It would disappear if the ethical law became the natural law.”

Satan, as an egregore, becomes the bridge between the two.

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