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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 12 '23

I'm definitely no drama whore, but on occasion you got these wingnut aviators brazenly piloting restricted airspace mistakenly assuming targets intimidated their low caliber arsenal where realistically I give less of a shit about them then their shitty defunct forum - not this one.

Dissenting views right, polite, and firmly upright the integrated cosmological backbone of the esoteric unlike their jellied protoplasmic shit-for-brains pseudoscience would force your belief in an evolved cosmos of a faint few thousand years, proper pronouns and the like. No wonder the atheists mock their man-in-the-sky bullshit the way they pump out anthropomorphisms like some opioid whore peddling blowjobs for another score.

And they call it theology. I call it a circle jerk of faggots that've had a little too much zombie dust well deserving of each other; perfect candidates of a Darwin award honoring the galactically stupid. I would've told them to go fuck themselves as well if not for my perceived satisfaction of such a departure to them.

I mostly exit quietly and leave them in oblivion to all but their own devices because in the end the writing is really the only thing I give a shit about. Just intermittent writing and driving once all the dedicated daily shit is done for a day.

Anna Mar 12 '23
I AM a drama whore but I can do with peaceful discussions if I can still politely express my views. However, the problem with social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Reddit is that it moved from fighting hate speech to eliminating the so-called misinformation. That means no tolerance for dissenting views. Say something special snowflakes don't like and you're automatically guilty of a thought crime.

Dunno about other forums. Most of them are probably dead. Forums are a thing of the past, which sucks a little bit because instead of discussions you have twats taking pics of their plates. Look people! This is what I had for dinner! Bleh. On the other hand, this is the least controversial and hard to earn you a ban. That is unless veganism becomes mandatory.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 12 '23
Politics in America REVOLVE around keeping Trump from or making sure he gets the 2024 nomination. Subverting everything he tries, because he signed on to conspiracies and validated them. Or clinging to them to argue him as the answer.

 And kicking him off Twitter and fact Checking his Dominion obsession is all the revolt needed to spiral into the 5th act of a Shakespeare tragedy. The approach of heavy-handed thought patrol to make sure people understand the lies of the right backfired. Made them more believable. 

And now the FBI can't even be trusted. Peaceful decorum is dead. Even the GOP is split among supporters of McCarthy (Trump) and McConnell (Anyone else). And McCarthy is the righteous fighter, McConnel a lie spreading traitor. 

There's no objectivity left.

 And a major catalyst of it all are pundits that brazenly call an agitated mob a peaceful protest. Subsequently turning Mitch McConnel into a tool of a liberal agenda because he called bullshit on Fox News at the same time McCarthy gives them 400 hours of video to cut and spin a narrative out of. 

And even if fact checking is definitely needed for that, no amount of doing so will change the polarized narrative already past the point of no return.

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 12 '23

Peaceful discussions but you got these seasoned assholes with a bit of seniority and their passive aggressive bullshit approaching hostility where the game is tilted in their favor; you get a measly inch or so and they get the rest of the fucking ruler where it's never about right or wrong but this way or the highway. I suppose they do at least request politely in some instances that you follow the rest of the heard - an ultimatum incognito Godfather style.

It is true that forums have largely become a thing of the past. They're either dead, defunct, or active and malignantly malformed (see above). These days via trial and error a place like this is about the best one can hope for. Facebook is okay for some stuff and yeah my friend is always posting pics of food; I use it on occasion and recently the Facebook Live was something different to check out that incorporates some of the newer technology, but so far doesn't seem to satisfy when it comes to basic writing, and last time I checked it falls short on ability to properly post music and/or literary musical combos which seems to be primarily a solitary niche I've fallen into.

Currently it's a little of this and a little of that to get the job done, but I mostly find myself where I can actually sit down and write something. The writing and music is the bulk of it for the majority of online endeavors with some other scant areas of interest scattered about here and there with evolution emerging other technological possibilities and alternatives from time to time.

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 13 '23



I'm not advocating for the Unibomber but with these steady advances in evolution of technology and fixation on these handheld devices where short and sweet seems most simple and adequately satisfying to the masses with prior platforms going the way of the dinosaurs and BBS (bulletin board systems) of the nineties to which the forums are successor and predecessor to the current state of affairs.

Anyone with a bit of programming experience in software driven hardware can clearly see the possibility for error in the endless lines of source code developed by a mixed bag of error prone beings come to be known as the all too familiar 'bug', and of course initially it can be harmless enough until this unwieldly and uncontrollable 'literary' mess that (again) sounds all too familiar and eventually infiltrates every aspect of ones' life on the one end of the spectrum and on the other is an integrated aspect of national security that one day may be toppled like a house of cards.

So, to come full circle here while may not be advocate of the initial reference there can at least be invoked a bit of sympathy in the thought process whether or not it was precisely what was intended in any manifesto or otherwise that I happen to not be privy.

Anna Mar 13 '23

Quote from Cornelius Coburn

Peaceful discussions but you got these seasoned assholes with a bit of seniority and their passive aggressive bullshit approaching hostility where the game is tilted in their favor; you get a measly inch or so and they get the rest of the fucking ruler where it's never about right or wrong but this way or the highway. I suppose they do at least request politely in some instances that you follow the rest of the heard - an ultimatum incognito Godfather style.

 I don't think you can even effectively debate the true believer. And it doesn't even relate to the belief in God or gods. It can be any form of authority. So any argument you put forth will be met with:

"But the majority of experts in the field say...",

"The Wikipedia says...",

"I found this article in a prestigious magazine and it doesn't support your opinion",

"This guy holds a doctorate so who are you to disagree with him?",

"Everyone is doing this so how could everyone be wrong?"

And on the other side of this autistic spectrum you have self-proclaimed special snowflakes convinced they shit rainbows. They wake up with that one "wonderful idea" in their head, rush to their computer or laptop to immediately share it:

"Listen World! I've just had this wonderful idea! This will be the basis of my new life philosophy! Blah, blah, blah. You people haven't heard it all before? You have? Impossible! Don't you dare to question my awesomeness!

Anna Mar 13 '23
@Dark Enlightenment,

And presumably, there is even worse option than what I described above i.e., you can always end up arguing with bots:

Massive Twitter Bot Farm Is Heaping Praise on Trump and Trashing DeSantis

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 15 '23
Poor DeSantis. He doesn't stand a chance. Not even posting porn to call out the liberals will be enough. 

But Twitter has always been 90% bots. China bots. Russia Bots, and domestic bots. 

I guess Trump has only indictments over payed off porn bitches to stop him now.

Still, that's A BETTER VERSION OF TWITTER, than their former army of SJW snowflakes that ban anyone who says things like "Only women can get cervical cancer, and if you can't get cervical cancer, you're not a woman." 

That was a statement to get you permanently banned on Twitter before Musk.

And if that PC revolution ends up costing women abortion, trannies their estrogen pills, an 11 year old it's puberty blockers, a transathlete their right to participate in sports with an unfair advantage, or even gay people marriage, that's what happens when you think the judgemental religious world needs to be broken of its discomfort. It's discomfort of people not like them doing disgusting things. Mostly it is all the tranny shit, The Kings of The Sodomites. A new creepy religion with jacked up voices. At least that's how it's seen.

Transamerica destroyed America. If gays were pushing it, then trannies took it into the elementary schools and danced on it with plastic tits and spackled on curves. Having long won Human Resources simply by possessing an actionable tranny card.  

Not trying to say there aren't genuine cases of children born with unusually high levels of estrogen or testosterone, but most kids aren't, and are more likely to end up a victim of motivational speaking and behavioral sink. 
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 15 '23

Honestly, Woke are the new Christians and Christians are the new Romans.

"Oh my pantheon of gods, can you believe these new people? They won't participate in ritual sacrifice or condone public bath orgies! They think they've better than us for it too, what is wrong with them? They're going to anger the gods. This empire is going to Hades in an ox cart" 

Who knows, maybe the woke will beat the christians? And maybe it won't take 300 years this time?

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 15 '23
It's a good analogy given the way they are attempting to infiltrate the school systems at germinatingly introductory levels - get 'em while they're young and rapidly evolving all that gray matter.

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