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Kobwebz May 1 '18
"Don't feed the trolls." ~ people who don't feed trolls.
Anna May 2 '18
Jesus watches from the wall.

But His face is cold as stone,

And if He loves me

As she tells me

Why do I feel so all alone? - Stephen King

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AK May 5 '18
"I will not be slavery" 

"Then shalt thou be suffering," said the uncreated voice. 

"I will be liberty," replied the light. 

"Pride will seduce thee," said the supreme voice, "and thou wilt bring forth death." 

"I needs must strive with death to conquer life".

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment May 5 '18
On Liberty becoming pride vs. rational self interest... Keep with the theme.

Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant; If I live I will kill you, if I die you are forgiven. Such is the rule of honor.  

- Lamb of God -

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doctordoom May 6 '18
“It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

Bill Clinton... 

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment May 6 '18
Homo sapien is a bizarre and the latest creature in our wild tour of Solais C.  This particular subspecies known as Mexican compulsively, and with regular intervals, adorns itself with vibrant floral or elegant plumage to gather at a symbolically decorated structure.  Researchers have concluded that much like the pachyderm it is a mass behavior centering around death and the mourning process. - Alien Nature Show
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AK May 7 '18
I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning.
Scarlett May 8 '18
Lucifer: "I am not in the business of murdering innocent children, that's God's jurisdiction. I deal only with the guilty." 

-The Devil's Carnival

EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous May 17 '18

"Good maxims are the the germs of all truth..When firmly fixed in the memory..they mold the will"...


AK May 20 '18
"My father El the bull will answer me,

he'll answer me or else

I'll push him into the ground like a lamb

I'll make his grey hair run with blood,

his grey beard with gore,

unless he gives Baal a house like the other gods'

and courts like Ashera's sons'." -Anat

T. Volt
T. Volt Jun 1 '18

"...we simply live on an active planet.  Earthquakes are continuous, a million and a half of them every year, or three every minute. A Richter 5 quake every six hours, a major quake every 3 weeks. A quake as destructive as the one in Pakistan every 8 months.  It’s nothing new, it’s right on schedule.


At any moment there are 1,500 electrical storms on the planet. A tornado touches down every six hours. We have ninety hurricanes a year, or one every four days. Again, right on schedule. Violent, disruptive, chaotic activity is a constant feature of our globe.


Is this the end of the world?  No: this is the world.


It’s time we knew it.


Thank you very much."

Michael Crichton

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AK Jun 4 '18
"The dread of evil happenings in life, supposedly caused by malevolent demons and spirits, is stronger than the appreciation of the benevolence of gods which, as men knew from their personal experience, was rarely showered upon them." -N.N. Bhattacharyya
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 2 '18

- Jordan Belfort

EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Jul 7 '18
Freedom is just an hallucination created by a pathological lack of PARANOIA! 
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T. Volt
T. Volt Jul 7 '18

"Am I evil? I am man."

King Crimson, Metallica

"Nothing happened to me Officer Starling, I happened. You can't reduce me to a set of influences. You've given up good and evil for behaviorism Officer Starling. You've got everybody in moral dignity pants, nothing is ever anybody's fault. Look at me Officer Starling. Can you stand to say I'm evil? Am I evil, Officer Starling?"

Hannibal Lecter M.D.

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AK Jul 31 '18
"Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering"
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Aug 13 '18
Wolves stop eating grass.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 21 '18
Mountain Dew Voltage tastes like Otter Pops.
AK Aug 23 '18
"Lilith chicks are a dime a dozen" -Eve.
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