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I have a theory all the meaningful events of the western world can be drawn back to The Sahara and Arabian deserts turning from grassland to arid desert. The adaptation of Homo sapiens brought about both Sumer and Egypt in and around 3 serarate river valley's at the end of the long slow drying process. 

It is also worth noting that  until about 8000 BCE you still had ice taking away much of the living space.  And while the reach of human population was global (and had been for thousands of years) it was so sparse there was no need for civilation, even confined around the equator or livable spaces. It was still all green.  

And that is it.  

6000 BCE the places people all live look like this. Easy to stay apart from one another in our Africa-centric origins. 

Sahara Desert: 

The Arabian Pennisula had even more water in a massive criss-crossed river system. 

There was plenty to keep the human population sparsely populated. 

Then the earth titled and the season changed, and you get the rest from there. 

They (inhabitants within the drying up area) would have followed the green until they reached rivers or oceans. That is exactly what is appears happened.  

From there you can follow archeological evidence (mainly tools and trinkets) around the entire region as civilizations rise and fall. Get subjugated and freed. Write one text, then another to supersede it. 

You can follow the conquering civizations and their monuments of achievement or texts of conquest and still retract all civilation back to the first ones starting 5500 years ago with the onset of the copper age. Of course brought to you buy necessary cooperation. 

At this point one may bring up Chinese civilation, which arose in the middle of the bronze age 2200 BCE.  

The reason is still environmental. Albeit more localized. It is my stolen argument the Xia Dynasty's start in the Yellow River had more to do with protecting farmland from flooding.  This actually centers around Yu the Great who is fabelled to have organized flood mitigation and subsequently pushed into a leadership role as the environmental crises destroyed their food supply. They essentially rallied around central figures to save the farms in and along The Yellow River.  Go from there. Gunpowder and all.

The points being civilation took adversity beyond human doing to form. Whether it being too much water or not enough. 

And that's the complete history or the World according to me. 

Nobody is fucking special and everyone is  working together not to die in the grand scheme of things. It is also clear all advancement is in resposnse to indifferent adversity, usually environmental or sociopolitical. 

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