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Throughout the biological kingdom every organism is subject to genetic mutation and behavioral change brought on by environmental influence. A dynamic environmental situation prompting constant adaptation..

Since Homosapian left the nomadic life and formed agrarian then civilized society the environment has changed from hunting in the bush to surviving in the city.

With that transition into an artificial environment came behavior born of that environment.  Much like a coyote exhibits a certain behavior in the wild, their canid counterpart succumbing to urban sprawl, sees their behavior change along with the habitat. Successive generations born with "the city" in their genetic memory. 

With that as an example of the idea, this short essay attempts to argue that greater intelligence and a habitat built artificially is related to the ideas and behavior exhibited by organisms within the habitat, up to and including social decorum, religious predisposition, and legal code.  Certain concepts only arose for regulatory needs. Likewise the dissent and opposition is also natural and necessary. 

Where would our species be without the defiant few to stand in Iconoclam? Throughout history The Jesuses, The William Wallace's, Joan of Arcs, and Malcolm X's have made the more significant change.  

Are they naturally defiant? Can you find evidence in the human genome for predisposition to oppositional behavior?

Not entirely. 

What you get is a mix of heredity and environmental factors causing it. (Link below)

But it is another 1/10 abnormality prevalent in the behavior of the population, as is about the standard clip with such regulatory deviations, like homosexuality.

But why does it happen?

The behavior serves a direct beneficial need. In the case of homosexuality it arises most in overpopulated environments. (See every Ape cousin in captivity, like chimpanzees).

But what of other behavioral traits? Breeding provides progeny but ideas regulate the social code. 

To use another dog example; wolves are orderly creatures with a "lucifer principle" pecking order and instinctual decorum.  Except every so often, and through socially aggressive behavior, this is challenged. New alphas elected, formers deposed. And not always the biggest or strongest.

Almost every mammal exhibits this tendency. This power struggle and caste system. 

That same aggressive order defiant tendency is medicated and called a disease in our civilized society. An attempted sequestering of Iconoclasm to administratable form. In human environments these "pack laws" take on an abstract and artificial form, civilization. 

Control mechanisms like government and god are the Alphas in our society, and lacking defined cohesive packs, the casting is through  overreaching ideas that eventually get woven into genetics as much as the pack behavior of canines. Most are complacent in "doing what is expected", and the society actually rewards this obedience.

But what of the defiant? The martyrs? Those who reject the reward and thrive through social disruption? Those who exhibit aggression towards authority?

They are prospective alphas. They are leaders and crazy people. Those naturally wired to exhibit disruptive behavior and challenge for control, if only for themselves. They prevent stagnation and promote the species through adversarial means. They get crucified, disemboweled, burned at stake, or shot by Plymouth Rock. As society will always attempt to reign in such behavior. Even things such as criminal justice and phrases like "civic duty" and "social responsibility" are things corrected like Grady's daughters.

It is my belief If everyone was drugged to block that chemical inhibitor with another chemical like antidepressants you'd likely see an resistence to the drug become more prevalent, like you see with current behavior modifying drugs  

While this is mostly speculative, I'm reminded of Jeff Goldbloom's character in the cinematic version of Jurassic Park's explanation of chaos theory, "life will find a way". 


Interesting articles or books on behavior and/or genetics of animals. 

The Lucifer Principle

Genetics and Aggression

Genetics of Bee Behavior

Animal Behavior In Urban Ecosystems

The God Gene

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