Unicorns Waiting In The Sky from Dark Enlightenment's blog

Artist: Black Sabbath

Song: Symptom of the Universe

Lyricist: The Prince of Darkness


Mother moon she's calling me back to her silver womb
Father of creation takes me from my stolen tomb
Seven hundredth unicorn is waiting in the skies
A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies

Take my hand, my child of love come step inside my tears
Swim the magic ocean I've been crying all these years
With our love we'll ride away into eternal skies
A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies.

These are rather on point lyrics for a working class English catholic. 

These lyrics epitomize the essence of RHP attainment for me despite that take being consistently rejected by almost everyone. 

And in a way worth beating like a dead horse too. 

Abstraction: The quality of dealing with Ideas rather than events.  

In my opinion this is the line between "born v made".  The ability to have that quality.  In short: satanism precludes spiritual prediclection. The way of the godly and abstract serene is naturally rejected. 

In another one of my rejected opinions this is actually more accurately represented in the East in some might say an overly general way. 

In Hinduism you have a concept called Atman.

Ātman is a Sanskrit word that means inner self, spirit, or soul. In Hindu philosophy, especially in the Vedanta school of Hinduism, Ātman is the first principle: the true self of an individual beyond identification with phenomena, the essence of an individual.

In Buddhism you have the rejection of this called Anatta.

In Buddhism, the term anattā or anātman refers to the doctrine of "non-self" — that there is no unchanging, permanent self, soul, or essence in phenomena. It is one of the seven beneficial perceptions in Buddhism and one of the three marks of existence along with dukkha and anicca.

The first of these holds truth to concepts without proof. There is more to reality and self than what we can sense.  The second holds reality and form is only what we can sense and experience in our short impermenant lives    

And I believe this gets the ball rolling, and is more inherent to character of the individual than just rejection of transient status quo or imprinted philosophy.  As those in the anatta camp are more likely to be highly skeptical of those "spiritual pipe dreams" (faithful predisposition). This non-belief to the mystical translates into non-belief in authority or imposition. 

A practical example:

As Seen in a footprints poster.

Can the concept of God's whatever carrying you through your tough times do a damn thing for you? Can a belief in something abstract provide comfort to you?

Can The Symptom of the Universe and its sky unicorns do a goddamned thing for you?

Or do you need practical and observable materialistic solutions to bank any sort of hope? Does it need to be real and deal with what's real, what is phenomenal?

Can you light a few candles, chant some names and feel like cosmic forces will protect you?

Or does even the psychodrama fail to do you a damn bit of good without a consistent outcome you can affirm to experience?

Likewise can you accept that from any imposing authority figure?

If forced to be in the Atman camp under subserviernt circumstance, could you do it?

Or if ideological (or even real) inquistions forced you to kiss a papal robe would you take the metaphorical (or real) guillotine? .

Would an insolent fire burn within making you wary of such faulty epistemology? Could that trend towards self immolation in defiant protest of such an artificial authority?

At the heart of this (pun intended) is faith, or posessing an ability for its productive use in day to day peaceful attainment. 

If god is submission to ideas and protection through faith than the adversary must stand antithetical to these qualities, not appeal to divine protection, and naturally discard use for any "symptoms of the universe" in the process. 

Dr. Phil Analogy of the above: In the Satanic Bible if the first two books are like the first part of a sentence; than the second two books are the word "but" contradicting everything you said previously. 

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The Wall

Nov 21
Dunno dude but in Buddhism there is a lot about spiritual enlightenment, morality, rebirth and even moving away from one's self. It's rather some sort of a compromise, or call it a Middle Way, between theism and materialism.
Dark Enlightenment
Nov 21
Maybe, but you gotta admit having a core triad of beliefs as, "Everything dies, nothing is eternal" (Impermenance), "the universe is fundamentally hostile and cruel" (suffering), and "There is nothing beyond what you can experience with the senses" (non-self) is ABSOLUTELY AGAINST the one thing ubiquitous in RHP attainment be it Hindu or Polish Catholic. The spiritual oneness with divinity crap.

In Buddhism it seems spiritual oneness is just another way to say merging the unconcsious into the concsious. Taking the constructs imposed by society and the defining experiences of life itself and harmonizing that under a tree with farm animals or some shit. This after contemplating your attachment to your behavior and fixing those character flaws with indifference towards the stimuli.

Which is a lot of work I am guessing.

"No, no person possesses the surpluss allotment of temporal duration to participate in such an endeavor."
Maybe, but you gotta admit having a core triad of beliefs as, "Everything dies, nothing is eternal" (Impermenance), "the universe is fundamentally hostile and cruel" (suffering), a...See more
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Nov 24
So what camp does thinking all the bizarre unfounded shit you do qualify to be in?
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