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Welcome BRONX and whoseven.
Welcome both Daniel Hünniger and johnEwalton! 

All cards and certificates mailed out today. Thanks for being patient. From now on I am going to send them out in batches of 5. Last batch was about 40. A little overwhelming. I had some technical issues and was unorganized. From now on staples will print them. Well now I know. Next batch will run a lot smoother and faster. 

When you guys get your certificates and cards please share pictures on SIN/facebook,ect. Not only does it confirm you got them but it will generate interest. If you can not for privacy reasons I understand. 

all members of Satanic International ( not the network ) all cards and certificates have been mailed out. Thanks for being patient.

Next time I will mail out batches of 5. And I will pay a little extra to have staples copy them. This was the first batch. There was about 40 of em. I got overwhelmed and had some technical issues. Now I know who to do this more efficiently.
Welcome Shawn Phelps and Paul Ross Fletcher
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