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Blacklemuria - (Basstec)

This Saturday June 25th we are having  a meetup in San Diego ( Hillcrest) CA. It starts at 3pm. All are invited. This is a chapter meeting but it is open to those that are non-members of Satanic International Organization.

We will meet at the Vons grocery store at 515 west Washington st , San Diego CA 92103 at 3pm. From there we will pick out our food and drink and walk to the location ( 2 blocks ) to grill. The location is at my place so I am not gonna say exactly where it is. But, it is in Hillcrest.

After we grub we will hang out in our recreational center for discussion on varies topics related to the occult, Satanism and LHP. Even if you are not a Satanist or LHP you are still welcome to come. This is a lighthearted meetup. Kinda a meet and greet.

Private message me if you wish to attend.

We have a private Satanic International private chapter facebook group. If I forgot to add you remind me.
Okay so I made a private group for Satanic International chapter leaders. I know I forgot some of you. If I did not ad you to the group let me know.
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