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Sounds to go to be true? It is not if you qualify. A new bill was put into effect for certain US States saying if you qualify you will get a FREE Android smartphone and FREE monthly service for a year.

The phone they gave me is a samsung galaxy exhibit. Google the specs. All phones are gonna be this quality. Depends on what is available at the time.

You will get a free phone.

You will not have a contract or a monthly bill for a year. Once the year is up if you still meet the requirements your next year is free to. If you do not meet the requirements then you have the option of paying a monthly bill or it gets shut off. But you keep the phone.

Unlimited talk and text.

Internet access ( data ) but is capped. Pretty high though. The same as most cellphones cap you at. But that is a 4g cap. 3g will still work and you can still connect to wifi networks. Same as most phones and services providers.


You MUST live in one  of these states.

Arkansas, California, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin..

You must either make less than 28k a year and or be one ANY government assistance ( Food stamps, Medical, Medicare, SSI , disability, Wick, UI , ect.

Your household can not be on this service. No one you live with.

Must be 18

All I need to verify is your ID, government assistance, SS number.. As far as your wages go, who you live with and where you live that is on your ' honor' ; ) .

I can do this via email. I need a picture copy of your   ID, government assistance card and SS number, phone number.

You may ask what is in it for me?  A job. I get paid for everyone that signs up for the free phone and no charges for a year.  10 bucks a sign up for me. What you do with the phone is up to you.  Clearly the phone is suppose to be for you . But, if you lost it at a party one night someone scored the phone. :)

No one will call you . You will go through me. So that I get paid. I will only forward your info to the company. Ask around, I have lots of peoples info.... and I send them stuff they want. You can trust me. This Nigga just trying to get paid.

Last year I spent 770 dollars to have service and nearly the exact phone I got for free now. How much would it say you?

This is not a scam. Google lifeline phones. But please go through me a dude you know so that I get paid for sending the same info you would have to send them....    Thanks. And enjoy your new free phone on me.

Official SIN shirts are in! They come in Man M,L.XL.2XL and women medium. They are high quality silk screen and shirt. I have washed mine from the first batch for over a year and still no fading or peeling.

This batch I got 30. The first batch I had 25 and they sold out in less than a month. I am selling them for 19.95 plus 4 dollars shipping in handling in the USA. People out side the USA 7 dollars shipping.

For registered members of Satanic International Organization ( not network users ) just 19.95 flat. Regardless of where you live.

They look the same as the ones in the pics, nothing on the back. 3X3 inch inverted pentagram that says SIN in it that I personally designed. Some of the pics are a little blurry. The pentagram is crisp and detailed. As you will see.

Mens are high quality 100% cotton. Womens are 100% cotton but kinda stretchy. Mens are regular T-shirts. Womens are fitted, tapered sleeves and V-necks.

Thanks again Danny Boss...

For those of you that pre- ordered a shirt please send me your shipping info again. Thanks.

There is only about 50 of these shirts floating around.

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