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Do not miss our live show tonight at 7:30pm pst time via youtube/google plus. You can participate live in the chat comments on youtube. Mike Crossand I will be discussing Satanism and Metal.

Users now have the ability to customize their profiles. You can add HTML.

First go to your profile and click customize. Up top you will see a box that says HTML and one that says RSS.  Drag the HTML box down into your profile. Drop it where you want. Click the gear looking button top right of the box and drop the HTML code into box. Save. You can also embed stuff in the box like youtube videos, music players and pictures.


So-Cal chapter head meetup in San Diego 8/02/2015 - Zach Black (San Diego,CA) and Shea Bilé ( Los Angeles CA) in San Diego. Thanks for coming down Shea and for the O'Douls . Great conversation and fun. I will hit you up next time I am up in L.A for sure.
Okay if you have not made a meetup for your area please do so. Check to make sure there already is not one.If there is join it. If not make one. If you are looking to meet others in your area this is the best way to do it. But, it only works if people use it. Even if you are not interested in meeting others, if you live close to a major city make one for others to join. I have met several people from my S0-CAL / San Diego group.

It does not matter if you are the only one in the meetup/group. SIN is averaging about 7-10 new users a day. They will come.
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