yoga, and common misconceptions about it | Forum

TheblackestBart Dec 15 '19
The English language constantly picks up phrases and interprets them the wrong way. in English for example, the word meditation can be used to describe intense thought, whereas eastern meditation refers to the acute and purposeful absence of thought. Therefore the west understands yoga as a physical activity only, and leaves out the mental aspect. This is why you have quote on quote "yogis" in the west who have never meditated a minute in their life. what else do we get wrong about yoga? redpill me on yoga SIN
Anna Dec 16 '19
Almost everything, I think. This is supposed to happen if people imitate another tradition. I'm not an expert on the eastern one but isn't yoga above all a religious practice? The Westerners treat it like a set of exercises but its aim is spiritual enlightenment.
TheblackestBart Dec 16 '19
I do know yogic enlightenment is different than the bhuddist version, but that's all I know
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