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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Mar 19

Hmmm..figured I would open up this can of worms. Seems as if California has mandated a two week ordered  ' stay at home ' which mean s..?

Residents can still go out for essential needs as long as they are practicing social distancing and "common sense," the governor said. Services including gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, farmer markets, and restaurants (providing only takeout and delivery options) as well as banks and laundromats will remain open,the governor's office said. "Essential state and local government functions will also remain open, including law enforcement and offices that provide government programs and services," the office said. Dine-in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, entertainment venues, gyms and fitness studios and convention centers will be closed. Public events and gatherings are also not allowed, the office said" .

So looks like I am outta work for a while. Well good time to catch up on some projects.

My personal thoughts will be coming in a video here soon below.

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Anna Mar 20

The same regulations are here. The problem with the virus is not its mortality rate but the fact it spreads quickly and the large number of patients require hospitalizations, which can overwhelm healthcare system, if not kill it. Ban on gatherings can slow down the epidemic but there is no guarantee. The price to pay will be a global economic recession. And it's easy to say "stay at home" but it's technically impossible to do that for several months because let's not kid ourselves, the epidemy will not end after two weeks.

I work in care home for the elderly, surrounded by various pathogens and several colleagues work in the hospitals where they offer preliminary tests for those suspected of having COVID. Either I will catch it and kill all of my patients and a few of my colleagues or they will catch it and kill me, perhaps? Or maybe, just maybe, everything will be all right. Time will tell. One thing is certain. I'm not going to shut myself at home while I'm healthy. Illness and death are part of life.

Mar 20
I wonder how long will this virus thing end. I also wonder since we are going to experience a recession, what will the effects be on getting a job or a career during that economic down slope?
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Jedi_Jane Mar 20
I'm in SoCal. Today is the first day of statewide lockdown. At the moment, everything seems "business as usual" here where I'm at. Most shops are still open. All our family shops are "essential," so they may stay open. But we do notice a dramatic decrease in customers. Most people in my big family are home-bodies anyways, so staying in our homes isn't a big deal. 

What's a big deal to us is we have a lot of elderly family members. It's worrisome in that regard. 

Aside from that, the pandemic and lockdown for me is pretty exciting! It's almost like one of those apocalypse movies! But not quite. 

The stock market tanked. I trade stocks as a side hustle. I've been watching the stock market slowly drop, since it first showed signs of falling. I had some money in the S&P Futures, going Up. One day I saw a huge red bar in the morning, and was like: "What the fuck happened!?" I took a small loss from that drop. Took all my money out of stocks, and bought Gold and Crude Oil. That did okay for a while, until that shit started dropping as well. Then I shorted the S&P [make money going down]. That was lucrative. 

The stock market is majorly bad right now. It's now worse than it was during 2008, when the 2008 market crash happened. That's the first blow to our economy. 

The second blow to our economy is all the lockdown orders, which orders all non-essential busisnesses to close, and all their workers not go to work. In the next few months, here in America, we will see unemployment rates, the likes of which no living generation today in America has ever seen or witnessed. And that's not speculation or an exaggeration. We are witnessing the limits of Capitalism. 

Besides the economy, what Anna said about hospitals is very right. Our hospitals just don't have the capacity or equipment to hospitalize massive amounts of people in need of care. Never mind the 1% - 2% mortality rate.  

It's those who are suffering acutely from the virus. We simply don't have enough ventilators in our hospitals right now to help every affected person to breathe. 

And so, if lockdown is not enacted where people stay inside, the virus spreads fast and far, which in turn brings more people in the hospitals. Something needs to be done to try and slow that spread. 

In the end, the end, like Anna said, the main casualty will be the national and global economy. Which means more people reduced to poverty, more unemployment, etc. 

With that said: Stay safe Anna.  

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Anna Mar 20

Seriously, the national quarantine is bullshit. Unless you put a cop or a soldier in front of everyone's door, it is technically impossible to keep people at home. Sure, you can make going out difficult by closing businesses, places of entertainment, banning buses, cars, trains, planes, bicycles and what not but that is not going to stop everyone from gathering unofficially and secretly if they wish so.

The only way to combat the virus is to become immune to it, at least temporarily. That means that you have to first get it. And then, you will either get immunity or you will die. And then, if you survive, you will die later on from cancer, heart  disease, car accident or SARS COV (third edition, this time). Yeah, that sucks, I know.

But of course, governments have to show their stupid electorate that they are doing something, no matter how ridiculous, and it is the prerogative of the stupid to make an already bad situation even worse.

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Dark Enlightenment
Though this may be strange from me, FUCK DOOM AND GLOOM. 

Stability will return. Maybe sooner than one may expect. 

Spring training back up for Nippon League (Japan & Korea) 


And by Mid May, GO PADRES!  Things will recover. 

On economy: 

A force majeure economic correction. Unlike 1987, 2000, or 2008 this one was an outside event. A inorganic regulation of a bullish system. Silver lining is this completely tempers the 12 or 13 year bull market epically crashing in a year or so.  With immediate bipartisan bailout this recovers as quickly as 1987 did (5 months). 

So even if it was a diabolical plan of The Elite to throttle the worlds economy it may have saved another 1929. 

"Turned a Chernobyl into a mere Three Mile Island".  

Hopefully it wont be a Fukushima where everyone is in denial about a meltdown occurring. 

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Dark Enlightenment
I also want to thtow this out there. 

The last Pandemic was H1N1. "Swine Flu". 

In the USA there were 60 million cases of Swine Flu, and 12,400 deaths in 2009. 

I swear it, but I remember everything except swine flu. 

But apparently it was bad. Still don't remember a lockdown.  Must be the lack of killing people it did. 

The difference is the mortality rate, which is scaring people.  That is about it.  1 death per 4,840 people vs 1 death per 27 people. 

In any case, this is like watching The Trust on an epidode of Stargate take over the world with a bio-engineered pandemic in an alternate reality.  And Governor Newsom is a Goa'uld,  as well as Cuomo.  


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Anna Mar 21

"Stability will return... Things will recover."

Fuck that shit, dude, my life ain't going back to normal. You know ... I no longer wash my hands. Not even after I wipe my butt. I became allergic to washing hands. After taking poop, I get straight down to dinner. And since there is a shortage if toilet paper, I guess soon I will have to follow my cat's example.

Now I only need those dumbfucks, my neighbors, to flock to their balconies to sing serenades and I'll be forced to give up on opera too.

Dark Enlightenment
I think we are all finding ways of adapting. 

For example: The adversity of grocery stores has led me to seeking food elsewhere.  And there are an amazing number of options. All delivered.  Beer and bottles of wine, and even liquor, along with gastropub delicacies like "buffalo wings" and "mozzarella sticks".  

The corner bar can come to you! And then the weed guy gets there. And then you numb yourself from the mountain of financial strangulation crumbling towards you.

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Dark Enlightenment

The current fatality rate of tested cases of SARS-cov-2 (made higher looking by priority of testing) still stands at 1.6% (in the US), less than FUCKING TWICE THE SEASONAL FLU.

Is the world this stupid? Or did a bunch of people subconsciously decide this was a great way to remind everyone of their servitude to authority. To remind everyone they are slaves.

Fucking fascist mayor of my shit show got pissed people were still going to parks and closed all parks and beaches.  This is more about dehumanizing everyone and treating them like children.  You are to be reminded that your freedom is bullshit and can be rescinded by ANY little bitch with power.  Surfers must not keep a safe enough distance. This is Gestapo false flag (Lets overblow the shit out of something) authoritative bullshit.

“The actions of a few can take the lives of many,” (Bitch Mayor) said. “The time for education has ended. The time for enforcement is here.”


Yes'm Massa, whatever you done say. I am just so glad you let me eat at this table! I will be sure to make sure I follow all your dictates in this time of crises where I NEED to let others think for me."

Tijuana wouldn't be laughing at San Diego with their 7 cases and open bars, otherwise. 

APRIL 26TH, 2020. LET'S DO THIS. Steal from a Best Buy (or other conglomerate) and call it my bailout. 

Let's fuck shit up before all the tanks I saw shipped through the train station two days ago are put to use.


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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Mar 26
Dark Enlightenment and I live like 4 miles apart from each other. I think he was having a bad dream . Because  I spent a few hours eating shrooms in OB with hippies playing hackie - Sack. Speaking of psychedelics DE I got the DMT and the LSD if you would like to go looking for God with me. Oh and I got the shrooms

Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Mar 26
Living in the woods is awesome.  We went snow shoeing, have been eating well. Besides my work sechdule being alterd, all is well in the woods. Wish the city folk the best.
Dark Enlightenment
Naw, the bad dream is looking at the financial situation I didn't plan for. That is just the response to that. 

And I don't have spiritual experiences while on DMT. Everyone else talks to god but I get real people like my dad and they tell me to quit being a whining bitch and figure shit out for myself.

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Dark Enlightenment
Fun Fact: The county I live in has reported 3 Covid deaths, at 0.8% of all confirmed cases.  In the last week there were 5 Influenza related deaths. Normal flu.  Influenza A. 

This is the tell of how stupid societies are.

Hail the fucking comet to wipe out this ball of dirt populated by faux-empathetic (Cover our asses from being sued) fucking morons. And listening to a civil regulatory agency, and global non-profits, more attuned to special interest. 



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Anna Mar 28

You should give our precious virus more credit, I think. The way it keeps gradually and systematically dismantling societies and ruining economies is truly remarkable. Even if most of this is achieved by morons digging their own graves, let's admit that; even good old smallpox didn't manage to achieve half that much.

 The draconian measures undertaken by governments are more a sign of desperation and helplessness than actual power or terror. If the shit lasts for months, everything will fall apart, no riots necessary. Not exactly a zombie apocalypse but still morbidly fascinating to watch.

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Mar 28
my PhD is in Public Health and I'm freaking amazed at the goddam sheep in our society that are willing to present their way-too-tight assholes to the government in order to get fucked into believing that they are being protected by some benevolent mayor, governor or president. Its a fucking virus that naturally occurs and will hopefully thin the herd. The world is not ending--yet.
Mar 28

Any thoughts on the virus being biological warfare?

One of you thought it was aliens?

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Mar 29

Shirley, my initial concerns about the virus centered around the fact that the early behavior of the virus did not seem to be typical of similar strains. We would consider COVID-19 a novel infectious disease and considering its origins in China, I had to at least consider that this may have been an intentional or accidental release of a biological pathogen. As time has progressed, however, the Coronavirus seems to be settling into a natural rhythm. I'm not suspicious of deliberate warfare. That doesn't let China off the hook. Their response and lack of transparency (and general disregard for its people) has allowed this virus to become a much bigger existential threat.

The good news is that since this is probably a naturally organic strain, there will be a necessary thinning of the herd, so to speak. The vast majority of the deaths  are of people who are heavy users of our limited healthcare resources. And to what end? Don't always mean to be cruel, but the weak and frail might as well move on and free up medical care for the younger ones who still have some life vibrancy.

Anna Mar 29

Really, genius, I hope you will live long into your old age. Long enough to require the help of others. And that there will be no one around to change your diaper, wash your body or only to give you a kind word. And no one around to put an end to your misery by killing you. And that you will be left to die covered in your pee and poop because "thinning the herd and all that jazz."

Besides, you should have been killed the day you were born. I really don't understand why your parents spent so much time feeding you and wiping your ass instead of pursuing more worthwhile goals.

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Mar 29
On your question of the virus being of biological warfare Shirley, you are not the only one with that theory. I feel that the Chinese did it deliberately to try to kill off more Americans.

If you think about it, China is a communist state. They probably brainwash their own people with the propaganda shit that "Americans are evil."  Except we can't say that the herd of chinks all released the Corona Virus deliberately from China, that would be to silly to assume.

The top Chinese officials of course would do this on purpose If you think about it, since the virus is going to effect the economy in the U.S., China would have the upper hand on their economy while we slowly have to dig out from the grave, to put it as an analogy. 

This may sound crazy, but some of it is true. China has sent spies to other countries to gain information and intel. They had a case that I remember on some island, where China gained control over that island, to get to a precious matter that they wanted to seek.

I feel that since the U.S. has been a pretty guarded country, the Chinese wouldn't be able to get control over it. So we can say that the Chinese response would be sending that virus out on the U.S. by eliminating the competition. Those are just my thoughts and ramblings.

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