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Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Apr 17
Quote from talisman Are you joking? Satanism is ancient, it existed before Judaism. 

Devil worshippers yes but they were not Satanists.
talisman Apr 17
But they were whorshippers.
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Apr 17
Quote from talisman But they were whorshippers.

talisman Apr 17
Are you accusing me of not being a Satanist?
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Apr 17
Quote from talisman Are you accusing me of not being a Satanist?

talisman Apr 17
So what? 
Cornelius Coburn
Well both, but some attributes can be acquired as well.
talisman Apr 27
It's made not born, you dumbass. 
Aborior Translatione

It's definitely strengthened and solidified by life, but much like you can tell a kids gonna be a fag by 8, you can see the traits of a satan as soon as will exists. 

Primarily in response to attempted punishment, or conformity reward. 

I can use myself as an example. 

So deal with a self-centered anecdote. 

My parents never cared enough to mention religion, even at Christmas. 

In fact I didn't know it even had a nativity until I was in first grade, age 7. 

When it was discovered by another parent I thought Christmas was about Santa and caribou I was forbidden to play my friend until my horrible parents taught me about the jeebis.  So they copped out with a Christmas Nativity display at a Catholic church.  I remember my mom bitching a lot on the way there. A lot of, "who the fuck does this woman think she is turning all the parents on me", type stuff.

They caved because they thought it was unfair to me. 

Still my first exposure to Christmas was a very fun and pleasurable experience. I thought it was cool. There was a whole other part of Christmas I didn't know about. I thought the mocked up Bethlehem was so neat. Hay, robed people, lamps, and being transported to a strangely familiar old time city. 

So I got into it. I wanted to know all about the jeebis. 

They even arranged a sleepover so myself and a third friend could go to Sunday School the next day. 

I had my kids bible story book and was really enthusiastic. 

I went with my friends to the first grade. But I couldn't be in first grade yet. My friend's mother had told them I didn't know about Jesus two weeks ago and they put me in the Preschool class. Then the first thing the teacher does is tell them my parents never taught me about god and goaded them to essentially treat me like shit. 

They wouldn't give me juice and told me if I came every week and showed repentance I could join my two friends in the first grade.  It drove me insane i was treated differently then them, that I was told I had done something wrong, and absolutely hated being singled out for it. 

That's where it ended.

When i got home I absolutely destroyed every religious thing I had.  Wrote I love Satan in red marker in my bible and then ripped it to fucking pieces. I felt betrayed and vengeful.  Even at 7 the sanctimony was sickening, and the intent of their shunning failed miserably.  I never wanted to be a good Christian again. Especially with the other kids making fun of me. I wanted to hurt them back. 

That's the natural occurance of eye for an eye morality.  Nothing in me wanted to be a better Christian for their acceptance. Peer pressure pisses me off.  I was supposed to feel embarrassed and strive for favorable treatment.  Nothing could have made me angrier.

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Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Apr 28
Quote from talisman It's made not born, you dumbass. 

Being a Satanist is a way of behavior and this behavior can be traced in early childhood. I have always been different and an outsider and I have always been a doubter or natural skeptic. I defied my mom's order of not playing with an other kid because he was "abnormal". I asked "why" when my uncle told me to do something to others. I wanted to avenge myself against a dude who humiliated me in front of a girl I was in love with by harassing her profile with a fake profile under his name and profile picture so he never would be allowed to clap her nice ass again... 

If Satanists were not born I would probably not have been attracted to Satanism in the first place as I don't like black metal...

talisman May 7
How old are you, eight?
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle May 7
Quote from talisman How old are you, eight?

How old are you? 12?
talisman May 7
You like older guys?
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