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ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 13 '16

Quote from FraterLuciferi I think all Satanists can agree that Satanism is about self realisation and individuality if the satanic groups look at their common root.
I would have to say that I certainly agree.
ManxLoaghtan Member
ManxLoaghtan Apr 21 '16
To gain more knowledge on many subjects, talk to others of like mind, partake in discussions with other individuals that may also be interested and to gain more personal understanding of self.  
Rich6Belial6Wilkinson6 Member
I appreciate everyone's comments!  Good to know we're all on the same page as far as gaining knowledge and growth!  Knowledge is the absolute power.  The more we learn the more power we gain.  
gamerguy666 Apr 28 '16
Well I intend on gaining more knowledge not JUST about satanism. Knowledge in general my grammar has improved a good deal I'm more careful about what I post not just on here.

 I'm doing my up most to improve my life and reach my goals and gaining pretty good headway in that respect. Because as satanists success and intelligence and personal happiness IS the goal. Which is one of the reasons i chose satanism it's philosophy of live now don't wait for someone to give it to you TAKE IT because the chance/opportunity may not be there tomorrow. 

Plus the values and rules are just plain common sense as they where formed around human nature.

OpposingOppression Apr 29 '16
I haven't been a part of this forum for long, but I am on here pretty much every day. Unfortunately, there are not many forums for our beliefs and lifestyles, at least that I know of. However, I am serious about my beliefs. To answer your question, I am here looking for others who are serious about what they believe in. Unfortunately, I think 2 things hinder finding true believers. First of all, I've noticed that many people show up, create a profile merely out of curiosity, then disappear after a short period of time. Secondly, modern Satanism has so many different sub-beliefs that it's hard to find those that share your same beliefs. The latter reason doesn't bother me as much, because I respect their beliefs and love learning about others' views. However, I've found it very hard to find true, traditional, theistic Satanists. That's why I'm here. I have that beliefs and I want to network and find others to share in those beliefs. 
Corvus Corax Member
Corvus Corax Apr 29 '16
@ OpposingOppression- I'd like to advance a welcome with an insight. My observations have been that theistic beliefs are held to constant scrunity- and should be.

The weight of the claims made by theists are generally unbearable to the rational mind or empirical materialism. You'll find many vocal atheists here- but the theists are quieter. This appears to be because theism is one of the first converntions deconstructed by the LHP community and that communities elite caste.

That having been said- if you see a hole in the discourse or solidarity of your like minded fellows- you should just fill it- rather than add to the mundane diatribe. It would be refreshing to see another industrious sinisterian make a contribution.

On your second point- the one I think your best qualifies to speak to- I would state that sub beliefs are problemaic only for dogmatists. Each individual expression or manifesation of a philsophical tradition need not be categorized and labeled. In fact- it is a strength that these are held apart, suspended away from each other by their incongruence. Why?

Because; that ensures each individual thinks for themselves and aligns to the strafication assigned to them by their abilities and nature. Variabilty makes the herd mentality less contagious- in other words. In the beginning, ones vesitgal conformist conditioning compels one to seek  out a mostly adequate category to enlist into. It's important that the herd remains in chaos for the individual to overcome its former attachment to "belonging" to the other.

You will find what you seek. If you are finding isolation here- it's because you're looking for it. 

Rich6Belial6Wilkinson6 Member
There are many variations of satanism today. Even  some Satanist are at war with their brothers and sisters. Makes no sense. But I've learned to accept the fact that peace..will never be achieved..and that goes with this world in general.  Some people HAVE to be right all of the time..from my general observation it seems we have an uprising  of elitist satanic groups. Those who believe modern satanism is a joke. There are some today that believe in only a few things the father of satanism conjured into the world. I've stumbled upon this website over five years ago. Found it rather unique. Before I took up a membership I read all sorts of articles books etc. I've found many sites but none were suitable for me. After reading the satanic bible for the first time I smiled. No book to this day had touched base on so many questions I had growing up. HELL! I even put into practice teachings I didn't know existed until I read the workings of Anton just by simply feeding the animal within!  I will always and forever be a member of SIN, and I will forever be a Satanist!  
Obscura TITS
Obscura Apr 7 '18
I want to learn more about exerting Ego and intention, and honestly just stop being such a pushover and grow a spine.  Society conditions women to be nice, subservient, agreeable, delicate flowers.  Satan teaches me to fucking grow a pair and take my ascension into my own hands.  Also to turn my poison into venom.  Spent a good while staring into the eyes of the cobra and realize it was either eat, be eaten, or learn to fucking photosynthesize.
Tiamat Apr 7 '18
Beautiful juerney...knowledge...enigma
Troll Member
Troll Jun 16 '18

RE the OP: Networking, outreach, consortium, building the revolutionary reply to subversion ideology, putting an end to moral panics once and for all, walking the Left-Hand Path online and off, and celebrating life. learning about Satanism and becoming aware of where my Satanism is going is an adventure. I had no idea half the things which are happening would do so! I figure that the Satanic International Network will sink or swim based on the character of its moderation. Too loose or too tough and folks will flee.

Holding people to constant scrutiny is reasonable. Targetting those who are too close to the Christianity from which Satanism came is also understandable, since we can expect that there would be a constant, steady stream of those who are trying to make Satanism into the Christian character from which they departed when they weren't calling the shots.

Picking on people and harassing them is not only a sad waste of everyone's time, but demonstrates the worst aspect of reactionary movements (a kind of eddying self-mutilation on the order of snakes eating their own tails) which can be interrupted by those who care.

All Satanism that isn't self-destructive (say, by buying too heavily into the Christian lies or by self-dismantling with fascist obeisance) will assist the cause of personal development and disrupting institutional scaremongering. If it is here, great! If it is over at the Cult of Cthulhu, or the Modern Church of Satan site, or the600club, great! Have at it! The more the merrier.

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Anna Jun 28 '18
This has made me laugh. You would make a hopeless English teacher, AK. Instead of simplifying shit for the poor guy, you made it even more complicated. Not to mention that you forgot to use any flashcards. And expecting someone to read a book in two weeks? Get real, buddy. Kids don't read books nowadays.
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 28 '18

Quote from Don Luciferi AK would you please speak in a more normal level of language? I'm a little tied of looking up the dictionary all the time and english is not my first language. What is your point in normal english speaking language?
Sprache ist keine Entschuldigung. Vor allem, wenn die Muttersprache Deutsch ist. Mach einfach diesen Scheiß durch einen Übersetzer. Die Syntax wird übersetzt, weil sie mit Englisch identisch ist. Im Gegensatz zur romanischen Sprache steht das Substantiv nicht vor dem Verb.

En ja, het kan ook Nederlands doen. <--- If this is your native language.

Þessi skít er jafnvel íslensk <--- Which is supposedly one of the easier languages.

This is a fun thing to play with: https://translate.google.com/translate  

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roommates2018 Aug 6 '18
I think that the goal is to acknowledge another opposite value and
to realize that Good & Evil are subjective.

We are human, so we make mistakes. We should fix misunderstanding.
Through the history, Catholic Christian approach was obviously odd and
not based on the good common sense. They suppressed Galileo. They
eliminated herbal treatment groups and claimed them witches to be killed.

People are being awakened now. This delusional evil religious obsession
are dying from people's hearts and started to see the sanity.
EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Aug 7 '18
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 7 '18

Quote from roommates2018
People are being awakened now. This delusional evil religious obsession
are dying from people's hearts and started to see the sanity.
Very much agreed. The awakening is seen through culture, especially music.

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Clefthoof_Bugeisha Sep 5 '18
I think Satanism is a catalyst for personal growth and is not as obscure and lofty as things like Buddhism. Also like the antiviral software to Christianity. I’m here to undue the harm cause my catholic upbringing and become the best version of myself unapologetically.
Clefthoof_Bugeisha Sep 12 '18
@ak I would think it points to the divine within, our Buddha nature. Yeah I’m definitely new to all this and here to learn.
Clefthoof_Bugeisha Sep 12 '18
Hey I greatly appreciate the way you’ve broken this down AK. Feels like I’ve been over complicating the whole thing. Thank yee, Good to be aboard.
Clefthoof_Bugeisha Sep 13 '18
An an emergent system is a good example. This journey definitely has a lot to do with shadow work for sure. I understand what you mean in regards to Theists, like any philosophy we’re bound to have a few nuts in the mix. This is much food for thought.
Anna Sep 13 '18
Dunno AK, I blocked quite a number of people here and on Facebook because they were batshit crazy in a very uncool manner. But their craziness didn't have religious roots. Neither did they show any signs of schizophrenia. People can generally be foolish to the point of absurdity.

Personally, I think that the badass pseudo-sinister types are equally laughable. What makes them different from an average idiot is that they may initially appear as intelligent. It's when they are probed that they start exhibiting extremely high levels of conformity, childish naivety and general make-believe stupidity.

P.S. When it comes to being bipolar, it's an imaginary disease the psychiatrists pulled out of their asses to prove "normal" people don't exist and they are probably right.
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