'Archeotheology': Why Bad Science Annoys Me. from Dark Enlightenment's blog

I don't care if this was originally posted by The Sun, is a recycled story, have bitched about it already years ago, or other, this needs to be addressed again.

People are without critical evaluation capability, that's all there is to it. How fucking lacking are they?  

Way beyond my conspiratard lacking. 


Fox News Quality? You bet. They even tagged it under 'science'. 
But before I really trash this, here are some facts you need to assist in that. 

Water Facts:

• If you took all the water on earth, that means all; ocean, fresh, frozen, and falling water, and liquified it on the surface; the sea level rises only 72 meters. That is 1/20th of mile. 236 feet. 

• The cubic volume of all that water is roughly 258,174,617  cubic miles.  A sphere about 790 miles in diameter if isolated from the rest of earth. 

• The cubic volume of all water on the moon Europa is 678,075,600 cubic miles or about 1090 miles in diameter.  Meaning there is almost 3 times as much water on Europa, and the oceans may be up to 30 times deeper than The Marianas Trench in places (at max speculated depth). 

Earth/Europa Facts:

Earth volume = 259,883,851,297 cubic miles

Earth diameter = 7917.6 mile

Earth Radius =  3958.8 miles

Surface area = 39,684 sq miles

Europa diameter = 1,939 miles

• Europa = Giant ice ball with enough Jupiter-related tidal friction to maintain internal liquid ocean and extreme cryovolcanism. Eruptions will eject liquid water 125 miles above the surface. That's half way to the ISS if applied to earth. 

The Mountain

Mt Ararat is a cinder cone volcanic mountain along the Turkey/Armenia border. It is very similar to Mt. Ranier (USA) and Mt. Fuji (Japan) in appearance, formation, and height.  Cone Volcanoes often have lore associated with them, but that is a different rant entirely. 

It rises out of The Armenian Highlands with a base elevation of 2,700 feet on it's North face and 4,600 on it's south face. 

[The alleged smoking gun on Mt. Ararat - Also known as a geological formation called an 'anticline']

Cited coordinates: 

Latitude: 39° 41' 59.99" N
Longitude: 44° 16' 60.00" E
Elevation: 2.8 miles above sea level (14,784)

[The location on Google Earth]

The Diatribe

Why this pisses me off every time Google decides to make me aware of it: there is not enough water on Earth to raise the sea level to even the base let alone above 14,000 feet. ANYWHERE ON THE MOUNTAIN Is preposterous. Even ANYWHERE NEAR that mountain is ridiculous. Even a spot down near 5000 feet of elevation is still a retarded suggestion. 

Using topographical data, and assuming all the possible water on earth was somehow in liquid form for just over a month, the closest place with the correct high water mark (of 240 feet) is at the periphery of an endorheic rift basin along the transformation fault boundary of the Anatolian and Arabian plates in Azerbaijan. (See San Andreas & Salton Sink for other example) 

Trying to confirm bias based on the words of writers over 3000 years ago makes you stupid, and that's all there is to it.  And if the these are "scientists", I am a demigod. 

 "Gee, this rock looks like something, I think." 

Does it register? Or does the bible in one hand completely cancel the part of the brain with logic?

This could've been the end, but I didn't want to stop there. So I went and took all the water from other objects.

Still, earth's volume with all Europa's water only equals 260,563,861,297. It increases the diameter of Earth by roughly 4.4 miles. 

Assuming equal spread across the surface (not factoring in land gradients) I arrive at 11,500 feet of additional elevation in water from Europa.

* I calculated this by adding the volume of Europa's water isolated to earth's total volume and figuring out the change in radius. Which was only 2.2 miles. 

So all the water on earth, and all of Europa's 40-100 mile deep oceans (containing almost 3x the amount of water on earth) will only raise the sea level to around 11,800 feet of elevation.  

I'm gonna need a bigger Europa. 

This is a bullshit recycled story reposted to oblivion and it is still fucking sad.  

Extra: How many Europas would you need to validate the movie Waterworld? 

Approximately 2.5.

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The Wall

Jun 23 '20
the "we found the ark" narrative is ridiculous every time they try it
Brother Shamus
Jun 24 '20
And not any less inspiring to beat the same dead horse. My main motivation being That when a mainstream news outlet posts 'religious sponsored content' I cringe. It just reinforces and validates those who think in red words. So I do my part in that regard.And not any less inspiring to beat the same dead horse. My main motivation being That when a mainstream news outlet posts 'religious sponsored content' I cringe. It just reinforces and validates those...See more
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