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Cornelius Coburn
And your pussy faggot fuckin' poetry.
Cornelius Coburn
I'd create another account, but I'm just too fuckin' lazy and don't give a fuck.
Cornelius Coburn

The Eternal Seed

From the botanical and biological

to the primordial

The beginnings of time, life;

even entire universes

From the ex-seed-ingly small

to the infinitely large

A terrestrial seed

becomes a tree of the earth

And a godseed

becomes a tree of life

of souls

a universe

A seed to a tree

and a tree to a seed

An eternal cycle

that begets

an eternal seed

Cornelius Coburn

Stupid fuckin' clown. Now look what you done gone and did. Nobody's gonna go on there and say anything now with you and your stupid shit plastered all over the fuckin' place.

Cornelius Coburn

Maybe it was a bit much; maybe it wasn't enough, but your goddamn philosophy and Fishboy art ain't no fuckin better, that's for fuck sure.

Cornelius Coburn

Yeah yeah yeah well fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Aight, I got an idea. Why don't YOU stop being a fuckin' asshole and help me clean this shit up.

Cornelius Coburn

Okay guys, enough, just kiss and make up already cuz we got company.

Cornelius Coburn

Permanent Atoms and Consciousness

Every man and every woman is a star.

— Aleister Crowley

Macro to Microcosmic Reflections : Hypothetical

1. At the center of every solar system there is a "star" with its corresponding and orbiting celestial bodies.

2. And at the center of every physical vessel there is consciousness that is manifested and preserved as a "permanent atom" with its corresponding and orbiting electrical bodies.

To understand the meaning of the above quote one needn't look very far, that indeed, "every man", "and every woman", is in fact, "a star"

Cornelius Coburn
The Night Gallery

Cornelius Coburn

The Rat Brooch

There was this one episode where a lady bought this rat brooch at an antique gallery. It was a 'lively' piece, and upon attaching it to her garment she noticed a slight pinch and assumed she'd poked herself. On her walk home she felt another pinch, and then another, and another, and on this dimly moonlit evening a bloodstained silhouette had begun to appear around this newly acquired brooch she was wearing.

She tore off the brooch and threw it aside; continued walking faster and faster as to be somewhat unnerved and a bit confused by all of this while at the same time accompanied by a gathering of a slight sound of nearby rustling and a pitter patter of scampering which continued to unnerve her even more and more.

The sounds grew with each of her steps as an ominous mood had begun to dominate and overtake her. Her fast pace progressing to a slight run as her heart began beating faster and faster. Something so unnaturally surreal manifesting in such a short time to nearly wrap her head around it compounded with this immense fear of some unknown thing that was happening to the point that she was now completely panicked and running.

Screams and then silence.

The Rat Brooch

Cornelius Coburn


The primordial consciousness

being born

within the suffocating confines

of a zero-volume existence

The only way

in which it could move

was inward

An inward dream

to cast

the illusion of space

within the mind

of the primordial

Cornelius Coburn


A piece written several years ago to mock a couple of chippy airhead cunts that claimed to be witches, although one did admit that the other was the more authentic of the two bitches, I mean witches.

They would often throw tantrums, delete their avatars, and storm out claiming to never return, but would always reappear days to weeks later.

The Stalking Hyena mocked them with a small piece of which I expanded upon a day or so later.

Faceless Avatars ( with some slight paraphrasing )

The Stalking Hyena posits that it was all a big misunderstanding.

Via metaphor, his theory is that, long ago, it all started when three billy goats were wandering down the road when they came to a bridge. Under the bridge lived a troll. Unable to cross the bridge, the goats deleted their avatars and went looking for a boat. Unfortunately, the goats went searching on a day that the troll wanted to go sailing. He thought that about summed it up.

And in the extended version the goats, being very determined and coming up empty on the boat, decided to build a raft. Although they were not expert raft builders, and it began to fall apart right in the middle of the Atlantic. Luckily for them though, and relatively speaking, this occurred near a remote deserted island where they were able to dogpaddle to safety and live off of coconuts for the next twenty-five years, so rumor had it, until recently, when their video footage was found:

Rumor also has it, and not included in the video footage, was that on several occasions the goats claim that they observed the troll sailing by close enough so that they could observe him drinking pina coladas and listening to Warren Zevon and Christopher Cross(Sailing) as if to be taunted.

The troll denies any wrongdoing however, and states simply that he did not recognize the goats without their avatars and recalled from the days of his youth when his parents had always told him to never speak to strangers, not to mention the fact that the faceless goats kind of creeped him out.


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