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Cornelius Coburn

A return to the non tangible yet powerful dimensional aspect of feeling and one of its' associated mysterious organic counterparts.

A track from some decades ago that I was thinking about and wanted to get out; of course feeling the need to associate a written piece, as always.

Cornelius Coburn
Joe Rogan said something to the effect : If you're working a shit job, you need to find a way out. In which my inquiry would be : does said "shit job" provide a required product or service. If the answer is yes, then somebody needs to do it, or, somebody needs to be paid to do it. In which case it becomes a matter of compensation for some required facet of society.

As long as there are workers that will accept shit jobs for shit pay, it will never change. I really don't relish the thought of some poor bastard who is miserable at their job preparing my food, or servicing my car, although I do most of that myself.

Cornelius Coburn
Also on Joe Rogan this guy talking about his DMT experience and Hitler. Saying that(in a nutshell) since Hitler is a part of "the whole" that he would also be a part of him.

The above is totally untrue. It is true that every aspect of existence is found in the whole, but not that every aspect contains every other aspect of the whole, which defeats the purpose of 'aspects' and individuality altogether.

Not everyone has demons, although I have no experience in a lack thereof.

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Cornelius Coburn

Einstein Quote : Everything should be made as simple as possible. Occams' Razor.




Diversion By Complexity


If the truth sounds too complicated. It may not be because you are stupid, but due the uncertainty its' conveyor.



Creation can just seem plain weird depending on how you look at it.

Edit : replaced with original with point being to capture the "pretender" aspect of title with an attempt at decent company.

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Cornelius Coburn

Handgun Pecularities(Below Quote From Song)

"handguns were made for killin', they ain't no good for nothin' else." I haven't actually heard many say that, but it's really not far from the truth. I had a Ruger 9 mm, and that thing was terrible at any distance. Maybe two feet groups at 25 yards, I don't remember exactly, but it was bad.

My theory is that the accuracy increases with the barrel length, and make damn sure you aren't flinching, a common problem that can have a tendency to go undetected, and I'm not too ashamed to say it was even a problem for me when firing the big guns(.44s; .45s), it is even possible to not notice and adjust your gun sights to compensate, until later on when you have improved, but seem to be getting worse because you have compensated for bad form that no longer exists.


Cornelius Coburn

I didn't ask for any of this.  How could I, if I didn't exist. The decision was made for me, so don't blame me for the things I do.

Cornelius Coburn
You keep trying to make sense out of it, until you can't anymore, and then you try and find the truth.


Cornelius Coburn

Eternal Recurrence


I imagine you in a thousand glimpses, or, nooses.


Cornelius Coburn

"Perhaps they need a good talking to, if you don't mind my saying so, perhaps a bit more."



- Delbert Grady(The Shining)

Cornelius Coburn

There are so many ways of death, that whatever you believe, or worry it to be. It will undoubtedly be something else.

- in nigrum holoserica mare silentium

Cornelius Coburn
What is this abysmal bottomless pit that divides the holy trinity from the outer evolutions.



Edit : removed semi-colon

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Phil_Lopian Sep 11
Yo tengo muchos gallos,

yo tengo muchos gallos,

ay! dio! donde es mi gallito?

ay! dio! donde es mi gallito?

Mi gallito no es aqui!

Da me su huevos!

Da me su huevos!

Huevos con huevos!

Ay! Yo tengo muchos huevos!

Gallero soy! Si gallero soy.

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Cornelius Coburn


Let the pen be thy sword the medium the nemesis. Let the chains of time fall about you, they have no domain here.



- The Rooster

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Cornelius Coburn
And The Rooster spake unto the rabbit...


Aborior Translatione
For fuck sake California, you don't put swiss on a Cheesesteak and call it an Authentic Philly Cheessteak". It's not like cheez wiz is even that expensive. West coast destroys everything good from the East Coast. 

At least there's no superfood shit snuck in.

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Infernal Acumen
"The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook".

~ William James

Cornelius Coburn

In the art of becoming wise, you will ultimately come to know nothing.



- inside joke, but the quote is still legit

Cornelius Coburn
Though some have called him mighty and dreadful, thou art not so.


Infernal Acumen
"If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid."

~ Albert Einstein

Phil_Lopian Sep 14

Quote from Infernal Acumen "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid."

~ Albert Einstein

This one learns fast. He has potential!

Take baby steps Infernal Acne. Don't rush into it. It'll be too much for your brain to absorb. 

First do the quote of the day until you get a feel for it. When you are feeling confident, proceed with sharing music video links in the appropriate thread. 

You're still a faggot. What you are going through is a satanic process of de-faggotization. You have been emasculated. The more you post quotes of the day and music videos the more ungay you will become. Soon, you will be remasculated, and you you will then feel the macho power of satan in your loins!

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