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Cornelius Coburn
- This Thing Runs On FIRE -

Eight fire breathing dragons under the hood.


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Cornelius Coburn
- Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow -

Cornelius Coburn
- The Sweet Is Never As Sweet Without The Sour -

Cornelius Coburn
So we find a way to extract the proper link and bypass the usual problems, for now. So that we may provide this wonderful imagery to the Satanic International Network, i.e. my photography(and my go-cart).

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Cornelius Coburn
Just out drivin' around last year.

Cornelius Coburn
Well early Saturday morning the target was supposed to be Cadillac Mountain and the trip was totally spontaneous and improvised with not so much as a planned route.

I believe I took too early of a right turn that sent me down a desolate(red flag) road with ambiguous turnoffs so I decided to keep going in lieu of turning back.

Was not all in vain, ended up in a place called Owls' Head, and eventually Owls' Head State Park. Took a few photos and put them on Facebook:

In and around Rockland Maine; Owls' Head State Park

Cornelius Coburn
Mobile In Maine malfunction last night. Me and my winter friend are ganging up and beating the shit out of my car.

Problem understood, and I think we're good to go.

Cornelius Coburn
(beating the crap out of the Charger continued)

So the theory is that taking the Charger on dirt, heavily sanded and salted roads has caused debris to accumulate in and around the parking brake mechanism creating a fluttering and at times a grinding noise and interfering with normal rotation of the right rear wheel, especially.

- Proposed Solution -

Going to car wash and using the power sprayer where it matters most and wash the fucking car while I'm there because there is nothing like killing two birds with one stone, which should be easy because they never move.

- We Got Debris - There's Too Much Debris - 

- Winter in fucking Maine

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Yesterday, 01:39PM
One easily discernible trait of the primordial would be that of infinite diversity; typically with any other trait thereof also being of infinite quality.

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