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Cornelius Coburn
Just like it says, but as before, test results aren't conclusive.

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Cornelius Coburn
A happy ending would be nice though, and yeah it's not a Mustang it's a Charger and yes it is also four hundred horsepower with more on the way, maybe.

Cornelius Coburn
Was supposed to check the coolant level while cold but clock says everything closes in less than fifteen minutes so we say fuck that and drop everything and get the fuck out the door in a hurry.


So we pass time on the Satanic Forum while waiting for temperature to come back down.

Cornelius Coburn
I suppose I could get back to balancing the tires now. That's where I was before the shit hit the fan, literally, no shit.
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Cornelius Coburn
Quote from Baphomets Need more pictures...          
Me too.
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Baphomets Jun 10

Quote from Baphomets Need more pictures of orbs and mysterious light anomalies. 

Cornelius Coburn
I believe maybe the radiator install may have been a bit much for the upper left hose to handle, not to mention it's also the highest point of airflow which adds another dynamic to that particular hose.

So the car hasn't overheated but is still dripping the green stuff from the aforementioned on occasion. So maybe a new radiator hose, but in the meantime try sliding the clamp up to a less worn part of the hose and re-tighten.

Balancing of the tires still in limbo.

Cornelius Coburn
Would like to finish sometime soon, don't relish the thought of turning my little neck of the woods into a toxic wasteland.
Cornelius Coburn
Well apparently problems with radiator hoses and the clamps that accompany them are quite a thing, so I am not alone in this universe.
Cornelius Coburn
Well I put two hose clamps on that bitch and topped off the coolant, so if it still weeps(hopefully not) we will be installing a new radiator hose.

Edit : typo

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Cornelius Coburn
Yup, that's what we'll be doing now; hopefully before it rains if that's what it's going to do.

I do recall that hose is ribbed with a metal spring and that it was beginning to come apart a bit at the radiator and that's where it's dripping, but just ignored it, but apparently it didn't want to be ignored.

Cornelius Coburn
The car is still too hot to work on from doing errands. The hose is so hot I can't even keep my hand on it for more than a few seconds. Maybe another fifteen minutes or so. Standing out there and waiting and looking at it is like watching flies fuck, so we kill a few minutes here.
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Cornelius Coburn
I think we're good now. A new radiator hose for the same price as a four-pack of Dragons' Milk, plus another gallon of anti-freeze. Wait for it to cool down, take it off the ramp and top it off.
Cornelius Coburn
We're good to go now Goldilocks, yeah I know it's bears, but things can't be perfect all the time.


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Cornelius Coburn
So one of the next three projects is balancing the tires. This is a bit interesting because it involves four tires multiplied by four or eight compensatory points depending on how anal you want to be, resulting in sixteen to thirty two steps in which a strip of two quarter ounce weights are adhered and then removed and repositioned, depending, so it can be quite a (fun) process.

There is static and dynamic balancing often performed by computer, so in this particular scenario 'I' will be the machine. We will do the static balance with possibly a touch of the latter to fine tune, although that remains to be seen.

Also, a good spray with the garden hose and replacing the forward dirt guard very soon would be a good idea.

Cornelius Coburn
To prepare for the tire balancing project we first remove the wheel covers and check every other lug nut while counting to five to get them all while semi cross tightening. This step has already been completed.
Cornelius Coburn
Porridge is all gone now, it was just right, as always; maybe wait a few minutes before departing.
Cornelius Coburn
It's the thoughts that count most of all, for now.



Spirit companions, like I said.


Edit : punctuation

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Yesterday, 07:56AM
I remember the time before last when I had new tires put on. Drove it for a while and then peeled off the exterior weights they put on, checked the lug nuts and they were pretty much perfectly balanced and I didn't have to do anything else.

This time is different however, It feels like one or more tires is going to need some attention.

Car talk on a Satanic forum.

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Yesterday, 01:49PM
I was thinking about those light anomalies as you called them, and assuming it's not digital debris. If I captured that many randomly in such a short time on one single occasion, while ignoring all the other phenomena I've experienced for now, then I wonder about the presence all of the other times when I'm not photographing.
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