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Scoeri Feb 12
I'm new to Satanism and trying to deprogram myself from the Christian indoctrination. I don't know where to even begin. It keeps popping up in my head about what Christianity has taught that satan is evil and God is good. Obviously, its the indoctrination speaking.  I feel bound up by indoctrination's chains.

Where do I begin to free myself?

talisman Feb 12
This is quite obvious, by speaking about it. 
Aborior Translatione
By separating morality from the respect-based behavior it originated from. 

Both are mechanisms of groups to establish order.  One needs a much broader scope. 

Start with something that is "bad". Like raping, plundering and pillaging. 

But is it? Vikings fucking looted the shit out of places, and as LONG AS THEY DIDNT DO IT TO KINDRED it was totally cool. 

A more recent example is If you kill a Jihadist ISIS militant as a marine it's doing your job. If you kill a Cab driver it's a crime. Even if they share similar beliefs and hate western culture equally. 

Follow that around the world in as many situations as you can think of and you are on your way to reprogramming yourself from christian absolution. 

You will see all "sins" are merely what the authors of the various doctrine thought was most detrimental to law and order.  The more absolute and authoritative that is the more people it was intended to control. 

In my personal opinion it draws back to the very thing that sets our species apart.  Agricululture and commerce. Civilization. 

In the days of hunter/gatherer clans "morality" was more like a wolf pack of Lucifer principle order. Hierarchy, territories, and the like.  You almost instinctively knew what crossed the line. Rival clans could still fight over territory. As the name of the game was a sustainable dispersement of animals. 

If you take that and apply it to sedentary living, and condense people beyond the empathetic limits , an overreaching attempt to mandate these more primitive concepts is needed. And that begets the doctrine you cannot remove. 

There also may something to be said for "genetic memory" here.  That predisposition may be written in the genome. And therefore can't be shut off. 

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Aborior Translatione

Of the most religiously corrupted things, top of that list are empathetic interactions.

Specifically, "Love", and all the chemicals and hormones therein. 

The fallacy here being: because empathetic feeling of love are ubiquitous throughout the animal kingdom it must be a will of an absolute creator that programmed us all (or an environment) to develope this feature. This withstanding all the totally logical environmental/survival reasons for this bonding to have importance.  The less the species breed the more important this is.

Now apply that to protecting what you love. Any animal, even humans, won't think twice about the 'morality' of killing someone for trying to harm their love. Beautiful and sad stories of bereaved fathers accidentally allowed to get a gun into courtroom apply. 

The "thou shalt not kill" moral has its caveats and legal code has its applicability, but in my opinion, the one thing without caveats here is the animal "loving nature" of the father that puts a bullet in the head of the murdering rapist that took his kindred. 

My favorite Leonard Cohen song (at the end of Natural Born Killers) may explain the applicability of Love in this crazy hostile world. Does it beat the demon? Unclear, but he never kills his wife if that counts?  They get away, have children, and it is a happy ending with no discernable consequence for all that mass murder. 

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Baphomets Feb 12
I was raised in a strict Christian home because my mom (is) was a fanatic Bible thumper - however, my dad, an atheist. How they are still married to this day, I have no idea. Anyway, it's difficult to find words of encouragement and suggestion because my path down the other way was authentic and happened naturally. It was not a concious decision: "I want to be a satanist." Or "I want to rebel against Christianity." I always did rebel. Everything I was always taught never mattered, although I had learned to put up the fascade that it did - if only to spare myself of arguments and fights with my mother. I was an angel on the outside and learned to keep my dark side hidden... never rejecting it though. Always embracing who I secretly was. Always doing my own thing in secret and outside of church. I was taught of my "sins" and was taught certain actions were "bad", but I knew they weren't. 

I like to say my christian upbringing was merely appeasing the oppressor for a period of time until I could fully break away and be myself. The liberation was a phenomenal experience! Knowing I no longer had to fake being something that contradicted who I was on the inside.

Perhaps, I may suggest to you, studying the law of attraction in great detail. Read The Kyballion and study hermetic philosophy. You will begin to embrace the truth that nothing that occurs is due to "God's will" or predestination.

Study about human nature, outside of religion. See humans as animals and not servants.

This is a good start for you.

Aborior Translatione

Quote from I bet you don't know what is the best thing I have ever said to myself: it's just "Shut the fuck up!" 

Problem is , I never do.

But, I do not feel the marines kill. I feel they protect our countries.

So murdering a cab driver is not the same as defending your precious ass.

But they are important things to consider when reprogramming from an absolute morality, are they not? 

Why murder for state is considered nobility where as the same sentiment killing a shady terror cell cabbie isn't. Especially if the killer thinks they're protecting their homeland just like a marine. If you want to get the programmed right and wrong out of your head, if you want to go beyond good and evil you gotta reduce it to semantic bullshit first. 

And why things are no longer immoral once it is sanctioned by state. Same difference with the Spanish Inquisition. You could literally cut off anyone's head for heresy. Sanctioned by The Vatican which was the state. 

In application, nothing separates the greater good of The Vatican 500 years ago and the greater good of The Department of Defense today except the lensing created by the various artificial constructs they are viewed through. 

For all that does a person would still kill you to protect themselves and the ones they love in a visceral situation no different the a lioness protecting her cubs. 

The innate is animal instinct, the fake is trying to apply animal instinct to a society to large for kindred law to be the way. 

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Aborior Translatione

Quote from Poster that deletes their comments I I can feel the hiss of the snake. I can feel the rattling of the tail. 
Hey, just heed the explicit warning sign and the snake leaves you alone. 

Don't tell the snake how to think!!

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talisman Feb 12
Here's an apple.
Aborior Translatione

So are you new at subversive Christianity or what's up with that? 

Quote from Here's an apple.

 Does my apple say Kallisti? 

Anyway, fucking genesis is a bunch of trash, as is exodus. I like all the more historical ones, like The Book of Judges, but Judaism and all its spinoffs and fan factions are somewhat lacking on the true nature of our self within the universe. I can't do things I have to have faith are there. 

I personally wish there was a major religion that's holy trinity was something like, 1. You exist in a world that is naturally hostile to your existence and doesn't give two shits about your well being. 2. Everything dies/nothing lasts forever. 3. The reality your existence is only what you can perceive with your senses and has no greater existence beyond the visceral. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Nope. No religion like that exists. This is Christian nomos where only snakes and apples are relevant. Dukkha is God's grace, Anicca is eternity, and Anatta is an everlasting abstract soul. What part of the world do you think you are in?

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talisman Feb 12
You do not understand what you perceive in a full manner. In psychology , there is subconscious. Some people may deny the existence of it, but in the essence of it , it is reality. It is not something immaterial. Nothing is really outside the world we can see and feel. But, in fact, we can see very little. 
Dark Enlightenment
There's also an unconscious, that Jungian shadowy thing rooted in psychology and archetypes. 

But what if that works like the world wide web of everything people put out there. And like a Google search a search of the unconscious is geared towards analytics and putting the most popular links st the top.  

For all we know there could be an ability of the mind to search this unconscious web, and therein is the root of all psychic ability and divination bullshit. To pick out the things people think the most. 

Anecdote on that. I once used divination to predict the NCAA tournament. I did that using a random place generator and saying, "The first pin within the continental United States will be closet to the university that wins it all.

That year the consensus pick was The Kansas Jayhawks, the top overall seed. Other picks were Gonzaga And Villinova. 

The first pin in the continental US fell 15 miles from Lawrence, Kansas.

I repeated with runner up, which it dropped outside Moscow, Idaho, 50 miles from Spokane, Washington.

Divinition picked the popular consensus pick putting KU against The Zags and neither made it past the second weekend. 

Can I sense or perceive why this random process picked out an answer that turned out more than plausible but wrong? No.

 But then I think of the other 15 contenders and how easily it could have dropped near Philidelphia and eventual champion Villanova, who beat North Carolina. Divination picked the wrong Blue Bloods. 

I just think it's a coincidence with so many applicable and possible answers to seem significant that inevitably one will. 

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