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Recently I stumbled on this song by this band. Other than my interest with Satanism and the occult, I used to have an interest in the goth subculture when I was pretty young as well. Goth music was never really my thing though.


MatthewJ1 Jul 10

I’m not musically trained, but I know what I like to listen to. I tried my hand at guitar once, but didn’t have the patience or the commitment to learn the instrument.


Below are a few things I’m listening to at the moment.


Vladimir Horowitz at Carnegie Hall – 1951


I think the piano has taken over as my instrument of choice from the guitar. Horowitz is a favorite of mine.




Joe Henderson – Complete 6 Blue Note Albums


I am a jazz fan. I like Davis, Coltrane, Evans and Monk, but I also love the Blue Note albums, which came out in the 1960s. Those albums are just beauties.




Cryo Chamber & Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse


I am a fan of dark ambience. It helps me relax or focus. There are some pretty good choices with the two below links.








Wolfie Jul 12
I always come back to this song. It's one of the Sublime Numbers which, when it comes on unexpectedly, it demands that I stop all else and pay attention. I stand up and I dance and sing.

Wolfie Jul 12
This band is like crack to me. I had forgotten about them for a while, and then I heard one of their songs on an episode of a television show I was watching.

Cornelius Coburn
Symphorce - Two Seconds To Live


Geraldo Respuesta
What happens when politician's wive's single out a satanic personality for corrupting America's youth with vulgarity. 

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Wolfie Jul 17
The Flying Lizards:

Wolfie Jul 18
This song played during the movie, "Devil's Island," which I watched on Prime Video.

Wolfie Jul 18
Two more Ok Otter songs. Suddenly I'm a fan.

Wolfie Jul 18
And then this just happened to be the next song on the YouTube queue. The Foo Fighters covering the BeeGees was exactly what I wanted to hear next. How did the algorithm know? I sure didn't.

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