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Dark Enlightenment
The most talented Pixie.

And now this on request from a non-audible voice in my head.

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AK Jan 6

Winterbeard Jan 6
Satanic Warmaster- Black Metal Kommando 
Dark Enlightenment
The American Dream...  But Mr. De La Roca learned the valuable lesson on what happens to musicians who encourage people to defy the "system".  But the system thinks is does good, doesn't it? 

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Brother Shamus
Yes, now try to post this in China. 
AK Jan 7
about that

AK Jan 8
Escape from the Moose Lodge. 

(Indulge the banality)

GWAR, the once mighty Scumdogs of the Universe wallow in the filth that their lives have become. Drug addicted, riddled with disease They're not dogs, they're just scum... 
Could they get a chance to change their fate Destroy the things they've come to love with hate 
Only time will tell... 
I'm sick of this damn planet and the sluts and the booze, I'd like to kill the Master, and start turning the screws 
The sins of this planet have long since grown stale We need to kill on a galactic scale 
Forsaken by their cosmic master, GWAR constantly schemes For a way to escape Earth, realize their twisted dreams 
Old men fly into space, GWAR cannot... This re-occuring pattern of failure Has fucked with them a lot!
Get me the hell out of Dodge I'll turn in my card at the Moose Lodge But first let me settle my account at Blockbuster and bid fond adieu to my friend General Custer... 
I scream to the heavens to split open wide and let loose a torrent of death's ghastly tide 
The power of Chaos, there's no reason why We need a way to make everybody die... 
The ancient legend of "The TimeBomb", an alien device which supposedly chronicled all time's events from the beginning-to the end.
If it could be deciphed by our bumbling anti-heroes, then the end of the world would come. 
As to what this has to do with anything, I'm not really sure... 
Out there the power is growing and it's growing fastHere the only thing growing is my big fat ass. Sales are dropping, riffs are slopping Can you smell the zits I'm popping What the hell can we do? 
We've done it all, I've humped god's nose I've reeked of booze... I've cancelled shows Became everything that I despised And my own hell I recognize 
But there's just so many little bohabs and they're always crowding around begging me to suckle them and tie their mothers down 
I will kill their girlfriends, I will smoke their crack I become the pimp-daddy, I become the Mack 
But everyday I'm doing I'm dying deep inside But I'm gonna tell ya something gonna give ya back your pride 
So here's a little thought that I had the other day If we could blow the planet up We could just float away

Winterbeard Jan 11
Venom - Black Metal 
Dark Enlightenment
At one point in my life i was asked to believe in a symptom of the universe type love, that would be there with faith. Life like a work retreat trust exercise? This does not illustrate trust. 

And because I always listen to things that fit, minus the references to incest, I thought this was a fitting answer to that. I will assume a literary device? 


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Winterbeard Jan 16
Black Sabbath - children of the sea (Dio singing )
Aakron Yesterday, 05:18AM
That heaven and hell album was incredible. Neon knights was the best
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Yesterday, 02:58PM

I think Heaven and Hell ranks alongside Van Hagar as the band you loved completely taking a back seat to the 'new' influence, and then killing everything you loved about the original, despite it holding its own.

Like the weirdos that like sober Aerosmith more. Tell me "Living on the Edge" stacks up to "Sweet Emotion" or "Dream On".  It is like listening to Alice Cooper with the knowledge he is a total high on god born-again now.  It kills it completely. 

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