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Dark Enlightenment
An all time top 10 metal song. 

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Aug 12

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Aug 19
Not back 9 volt....but the metal gods have spoken.
Dark Enlightenment
This would have been so much funnier had I been right about Anna.

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Discordia Member
Discordia Sep 2
Extize - Dirty Evil Women

Discordia Member
Discordia Sep 2
And now for something completely different: some good old fashioned early 90s Austin dyke country
Chaos Order
Chaos Order Sep 3

Dark Enlightenment

Although days like this I really did wish I had the power to make a monster crawl from the muck many miles away.  As the more cathartic beat its skull into the pavement is not really an option.  

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Dark Enlightenment
Something I am Sorry I missed 11 years ago when it was new.

Dark Enlightenment
On Powerman 5000.  

The trajectory noted by their change in style to that of wild girl stripper music is telling of what has been referred to throughout out the generations as "Payola".  If you just change your style to something more marketable, and start focusesing on weird things like robots (with or without the moaning chick) you will have your radio breakthrough. 

In any case there is a song for this, which strangely I didn't start really appreciating until I got into off time signatures and prog rock some time around 30.

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Jedi_Jane Sep 15


Dark Enlightenment
Probably the only studio band of the 90's and there were many.  When Butch Vig plays guitar you will have many hits.. Shirley must have killed it in the audition. 

I like her Idol too! 

You can really hear the Blondie in songs like I Think I'm Paranoid

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Dark Enlightenment
Hey, say what you will about The Beach Boys, they were far darker than people realize. 

Dark Enlightenment
Credit to Sirius XM and Tom Morello's Renegade Radio on 34 Lithium.

Nova Twins - Vortex

According to contemporaries this Woman is on par with Les Claypool and Geddy Lee

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