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My time in New York City is coming to an end. In a week I'll be Upstate and by the winter I plan being somewhere down by the Southwest if I don't end up with my friend in Europe. So much has happened these past two years I'm still wrapping my head around it, even as I write it all down in my journal. 

When I go Upstate, first thing I plan on doing is getting my guitar and pedals and amp and locking myself in the attic. Afterwards I plan on taking a canoe down the old river, probably will be that way for a whole week, a whole month. Trips plenty.

The big apple is lonesome, but not the good kind. I am one who is always fine alone. But in the big city, being surrounded by the machine, being stared at with those dumb grins and the bewildered eyes, I am resorted to keeping my head down when I go out, even just to have a cigarette. 

The lockdown is only going to make it worse, no major city is exempt from what is to come. The people want more time in their life at the expense of their ability to enjoy it in its fruits and discontents. Every time a person goes to ring the doorbell on the entrance, I look at this stranger with an immense anger like I've never felt before. Time and circumstance aways knows how to push me, now it's time to see where I'll land!

Clyde_Sotch May 29 '21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 12 · Tags: friends, guitar, nyc, usa, writing, moving, state, craziness, catharsis, lovers, weirdness, wander, wanderer, author
I am looking to make some friends on here but I am unsure of how to do so
AngelMarie May 31 '17 · Comments: 3 · Tags: friends
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