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Cornelius Coburn

1. What is a "soul?"

2. What is a soul made from?

3. What or who or how did the stuff that makes souls come into being?

4. What exactly is meant by "spiritual?" Define that word/concept precisely.

5. Where is this spiritual realm?

6. Is this spiritual realm finite or infinite?

7. What is this spiritual realm made out of. It's fundamental building blocks. Like we can say that protons, electrons, and neutrons are the building blocks of the physical realm.

8. How did this spiritual realm come into being?

9. Summary.


9. Not that I would call myself a scientist, but science as a tool will only go so far; it's not that cut and dry in what category I would place myself, and once upon a time on another forum, one witch said to the other "There isn't a name for what he is.", maybe not, but I suppose 'Scribe' would suffice if nothing else.

Once science has been exhausted, either alone, or in combination with other methods, all that is left, as far as I can tell, are analogies, extrapolation, inferior reflections, and of course intuition as well as altered states are also of use. Not to mention various esoteric literature in which the wheat must be separated from the chaff.

And of course at the end of the day, one might inquire "Does any of it really matter?", and I would say the answer is both yes and no. The default answer should be that this reality is primarily about experience(the verb), which is mostly dependent on what any given individual was created to do, or, what they excel at, whatever it may be, in order for that particular 'verb' to be maximized, or said another way according to an avid mountaineer, chess enthusiast as well as Qabalist among other things(drug fiend). The Mega Therion...


Cornelius Coburn Oct 4 '21 · Rate: 1 · Tags: science, thelema, qabalah
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