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Dec 20 '20

And then...

Yeah, pretty much.

Dec 20 '20

- C

Dec 20 '20
With the wind in her arms...

- Valerie

Dec 20 '20

\ The Nevid /

From the mind of the primordial. There is no other, better, way. Trust in thee, ineffable one...

Dec 24 '20
Lou Reed Perfect Day
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 24 '20
I love that song becasuse it maskes me think of people overdosing on heroin. (Trainspotting) 

Some people wanna be 85 pounds when  they die and everyone  is just waiting for it to happen.

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Dec 26 '20

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 26 '20
They saw a bit exposure outside their native country in the 90's and 2000's, but mostly (and sadly) overlooked. 

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Dec 27 '20
I'm listening to Boney sing about Rasputin:

Dec 28 '20
Si Jantung Hati

Dec 28 '20
His Holiness Sai Baba singing "Krishna Jai." So nice.

Dec 29 '20
My favorite translator went defunct. I don't trust the Google translator based on past experience, but unfortunately, it's all I have at the moment until I acquire another. It has been a while, maybe it's improved, who knows.

Dec 29 '20
This guy rocking my favorite string instrument, the two string Phin. I wonder what it would sound like incorporated into a heavy metal rock band?

Dec 30 '20
Listening to makeup stuff.

Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Dec 31 '20
Bill Murray?

Jan 1
Happy New Year

Jan 3
I'm starting to feel it a little bit.

Jan 5
Been trying out listening to some Slayer latley, Iv'e enjoyed listening to a bit of their older albums. My favorite one so far is "God Hates Us All," as a kid Iv'e only listened to a little of their songs, back then I wasn't as familiar with the internet being young and all.

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