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Dark Enlightenment
At one point in my life i was asked to believe in a symptom of the universe type love, that would be there with faith. Life like a work retreat trust exercise? This does not illustrate trust. 

And because I always listen to things that fit, minus the references to incest, I thought this was a fitting answer to that. I will assume a literary device? 


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Winterbeard Jan 16
Black Sabbath - children of the sea (Dio singing )
Aakron Jan 17
That heaven and hell album was incredible. Neon knights was the best
Dark Enlightenment

I think Heaven and Hell ranks alongside Van Hagar as the band you loved completely taking a back seat to the 'new' influence, and then killing everything you loved about the original, despite it holding its own.

Like the weirdos that like sober Aerosmith more. Tell me "Living on the Edge" stacks up to "Sweet Emotion" or "Dream On".  It is like listening to Alice Cooper with the knowledge he is a total high on god born-again now.  It kills it completely. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Apart from this, I am listen someone saying something about a pudding cup, gibberish then pudding cup. Roll r's pudding cup. Quite bizarre.

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Dark Enlightenment
The 90's can never die!

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Dark Enlightenment
A great track off of what is easily Pink Floyd's 3rd or 4th best Album.

Silly but I'm in an Antichrist superstar MM mood tonight. Was listening to my rap favs, but needed a change of pace.
Dark Enlightenment
Of alll the shit there was in the 80's, there were a few gems, most of them on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. :P

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Brother Shamus
Shut the fuck up, Pussy. 

Your problem is you are still stuck in 2011-2012. Even when  you try to be cryptic. This seems more fitting:

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Dark Enlightenment

[descriptive caption here]

Dark Enlightenment
This is only indirectly meant, because at least it shows in the feed.  May be HTML again...

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Brother Shamus


You have imaginary enemies, bitch.  And if you do have real ones now you taught folks that behavior. 

If any case your unconscious says this is for you. All you get is a Chris Carter ending. It doesn't go anywhere and something about bees.. 

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I have imaginary enemies, only when listening to rap. lol I'm sure the people that do dislike me is solely based on appearances, aka Too Much Black & Satan on Your Clothes!

Anyways, I'm listening to this.

So High - Doja Cat

I told someone, "this song makes me see ocean waves studded with diamonds, & the Sun makes it sparkle to the beat." He said, "I can't do that kinda stuff with my mind..."

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EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Mar 14

Captain Fred!!!!N dAUGHTER!!RRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Apr 6

Lucifer's child.


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