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Dark Enlightenment
I nominate these guys for the best Metal Covers I have ever head. 

I also like they dont destroy great songs with screaming and caveman grunting. 

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black May 24
i rocking out to this fuckin guys BRUUH!

Born Satanist
Born Satanist May 24
I discovered this band recently. Apparently they've been around for a bit, but recently dropped their lead singer. This was the best move they could have made, as I think that particular vocalist limited the rest of the band's talent. They released an album in 2018 that IMHO is fucking mind blowing. The band is "Night Verses", the album I'm talking about is "From the Gallery of Sleep". I've been addicted to this album for months now. Here's a single from said album...Enjoy!

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Dark Enlightenment

Some may define this as stagnation, but in 7 years in this habitat this song has solidified itself to me as a wonderful casting of superficiality and nomos.  It nails the "The phonies" your Holden Caulfield type bitches and moans about. Those who need loving acceptance so much they accept fake versions.  (See all asshurt O9A 'initiates' ever) 

Though I contest Holden Caulfield was an over-empathic bitch.


Smashing Pumpkins - Zero

And it's conceptual follow-up, this one:

Smashing Pumpkins - Eye

You just get the feeling Billy Corgan has "been there" more than even a Trent Reznor has.

To "love" the things others actively avoid, such as isolation, derangement, madness, and emotional numbness. Not needing anyone but you for emotional support. IMO, "beyond human" is to be beyond the things most humans need.  How can you change behavior until you change what you need at the base, afterall. Fuck trans-humanism (metaphorical or mechanical) this is trans-mammalian.  

"Trans-mammalianism"  <- I call that if no one else has taken it. May also be called "obliterating your soul" (cuz souls need wuv), if one were to believe in such things existing.

Repost with each of these songs probably...

Clarification - While the above may scream defeatist copout there is actually beauty. Both songs draw from the well of all those wonderful things that most people shy away from. The second one especially. In the sphere of the RHP you have things as synonymous with god. Basically anything that is warm and fuzzy is of that, and everything that makes your hair stand up is not. 

This speaks to peace attained through the latter. Those exited by the "demonic". 

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