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Satanists sometimes refer to themselves as the alien elite. In my last post I explained the core meaning of elite; this one is about being an alien.

Like, elite, offhand most people think it means that they think that they're special snowflakes who are somehow separate from the rest of humanity, that satanists somehow know something everyone else doesn't. Unlike elite, that's exactly the case, but not in the way you might think.

If all the world is a stage, then satanists have gotten the fuck off of it.

What I mean by this is that a satanist doesn't pretend that he is anything more than he is -- a human being -- and that human beings are anything but another animal.

This doesn't mean that satanists think of themselves as wolves or any other kind of animal. That's nothing more than another way to play dress up and shows that the person with this view hasn't really accepted humans as a part of the animal kingdom -- if they did, they'd know that a human is an animal, and that it isn't necessary to pretend to be a wolf in order to be one.

The only time a satanist plays dress up is consciously and with a purpose, never by an unaddressed unconscious need or by misunderstanding his own primitive nature.

Being an alien means that satanists are more human than 'human', the second 'human' signifying a human in costume, on stage, pretending to be one. A satanist is just another human being -- and knows it, no costume necessary.

Shawn Oct 20 '15 · Tags: alien elite, satanism

Satanism is an elitist religion, make no mistake about it. It is uncompromisingly 100% elitist with zero shit or fluff to fuck up the mix.

We're so damn elitist that we even have a special term for ourselves -- the alien elite. Aren't we all special snowflakes? Right, get your doc martins and let's start goose steppin'!

It's really nothing like that.

Even though Satanism is absolutely hardcore in it's elitism, what it means to be elite is:

* having your shit together

* not doing anything half-assed

* being relentless in self-mastery

* constantly pushing our skills at the edge

There is no room for being a douche who lives hiding behind the pretense of being 'better' than other people. Someone is better than someone else or they're not in an objective practical sense -- they're more skilled at something. For example, a person is more accurate at shooting a bow than someone else or not.

And, even though someone is really good at something, it doesn't mean that there's a demand for it. Therefore, it's possible to be elite and completely useless at the same time. The point of elitism is all around potency in whatever a satanist chooses to do.

There's no room to act superior (unless it is superior action). Actually, this kind of behavior weakens the potency of elitism. It's like lovingly polishing a turd at the expense of sharpening a katana. No only would such an elitist 'lose it because they didn't use it', they have all the charm of being covered in shit.

Summing up, Satanism is hardcore, but not a license for a satanist to take his nose from the grindstone and shove it up in the air.

Shawn Oct 20 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: satanism, alien elite, elitism, katana, turd
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