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So these are some of my views and opinions on the state of the Church of Satan today, and the original writings of LaVey and why i don't particularly follow LaVeyanism anymore.

Firstly, i think we can safely say, that the Church of Satan is no longer a Relevant force in Satanism today. Since LaVey founded the CoS, and since his death; many different Philosophies have spawned from LaVey's form of Satanism. The CoS as an entity doesn't accept these facts, claiming to be the only "Real" satanists, calling other forms Pseudo or Pretend, disregarding the integrity of other thoughts. In my opinion this is destructive, and i believe that Satanism is a Concept to which  you need to build upon to evolve. So my opinion is that i believe the Satanic Bible and most of LaVey's writings are Outdated.

The Nine Satanic Statements i believe are a list of tenets of LaVeyanist Satanism that don't hold significance in today's society. Some i agree with, most i don't. As follows:

  1. Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence! "I agree with this, because it's a core mode of Individual freedom of will."
  2. Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams! "Not encouraging Spiritual freedom is basically saying "No, you can't have that thought, because its not "Satanic" of you. Completely contradicting Individualistic independence on the LHP."
  3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deceit! "Agree."
  4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates! "I agree to an extent with this, however not fully. I believe in being Kind and respectful to all people, regardless of their views. If they wish to waste their time being ingrates, that's their own will. Only people who express Racist, bigoted views shouldn't be given the respect and kindness."
  5. Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek! "This is a loaded statement. What LaVey meant by Vengeance, i wouldn't begin to have a clue. Personal space, and defending oneself from Assault, yes is important. However with this much of a Loaded statement, i can't agree with it."
  6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires! "It's important to be responsible, because you'll never get no where in life if you don't take responsibility seriously. The Psychic Vampire schtick, again needs to be explained. Maybe i don't fully understand the whole Psychic Vampire thing, or what. So i'm rather Neutral to this statement."
  7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development," has become the most vicious animal of all! "Humanity is spawned by Nature. So i agree with this."
  8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification! "Agree."
  9. Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years! "Eh, true and false. The herd conformity of Religionists has kept the Church in business. That and coupled with the fact that most Mainstream religious institutions are Tax Exempt, so the priests and preachers amass fortunes from building actual Pipe Dreams into the minds of the flock that follows close behind."

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Zach Black Owner
It has long been tradition starting with ' High Priest ' LaVey and the ' Church ' of Satan to hang religious titles on everything they can. Words like Church, temple , synagogue , priest, reverend, pope etc should not be used to describe anything within Satanism. This not only is confusing and retarded but show an incredible lack on insight and imagination on the part of the people who carry these titles. Often these title are used to cover up ones lack of merit and accomplishments hiding behind a prefix hoping to command respect without giving you reason why. Ironically these titles used often in this manner are the same titles created by the institutions they claim to despise. Fuck all that .....
Zach Black Owner
I remade this popular video that I made many years ago. 
Zach Black Owner

I could be wrong. I know I am damn near to perfection in every since of the word but occasionally I do make a mistake. Usually having to do with women though . Nevertheless this did catch my eye. Seems like a jab at SIN to me. Mainly becaue of the intentional capitalization of words that should not be capitalized to make the abbreviation S.I.N.

Taken from the Church of Satan website ' Satanic Buncho' .

Now I do recall reading this a long time ago and it appears as if it has been revised  and updated. I do not recall if the original one from the 70's included this part. I do not think the term network really had the same meaning back then either.

CoS had a long standing policy not to mention any other Satanic organization. Not because they wanted to be above shit talking but because they want to give the impression they are the only show in town. Kinda like their ' you can not call yourself a Satanist if you are not part of the CoS ' attitude they only recently started to shy away from saying.

I did notice Gilmore taking shots at the Satanic Temple a few times. Likely cause we took shots at him. I say we referring to when I was a chapter head back in 2015.

Village Voice - Trolling Hi Hell

Seems if a organization gets enough attention like say ..... ten times more than the CoS ever got they make an exception.

If indeed it was a shot at SIN I say ' to shay ' you little evil garden gnome.

i was wonder how long you were gonna let me keep slapping you around publicly  before you put your gloves on. Clever way of doing so to not mentioning directly so that it could be denied and if I accused otherwise then I would be perceived as being ' full of myself ' ect ect.

Either way I will continue to promote the CoS as I have been for rthe last decade. My YouTube videos about the CoS have collectively hundreds of thousands of views. That is more than ALL their videos put together. Can not beat free advertising especially when they are unable to drum up the attention even though the tried. And for this I point to as true indication that Gilmore and company are clever, crafty, intelligent even after CoS crumbled following LaVey death.

That being said I will say it once again .... CoS died with its fonder the great Anton LaVey. The CoS is irrelevant and simply stands as a historical monument and Legacy of Dr. LaVey. In the mist of their internal thumb wresting over the estate they simply ignored the internet boom and technology got away from them. Only after I mentioned in a interview Gilmore was on as a live caller that their website looked like it was built on windows 95 did they finally pay someone to update it only a few weeks later.

Guys you coulda just asked me when I was a member to handle your advertising, YouTube and networking. :)

But I will give the CoS this. I have met some interesting and cool people from within the organization. It is a shame some of them though will not allow their picture to be taken with me for fear of being seen with someone on the ' black list' and being booted or demoted. Also the ' originality ' and authentic aesthetics will always be their own.

Zach Black Owner

It was brought to my attention that the Church of Satan took a pot shot at Satanic International Network ( S.I.N.) .

They said ' Don’t be fooled by unauthorized Grottos, phony Orders of the Trapezoid, Silly Intercommunication Networks' .

Noticed the Capitalize ' Silly Intercommunication Networks ' which is a jab at Satanic International Network ( SIN ).

Seems like Gilmore and company are breaking protocol about not acknowledging other Satanic organizations. First the Satanic Temple now SIN?

I will say I am flattered that the Church of Satan is highly aware of us to take jabs. I will say I do deserve it for all the shit I talked about them over the years. I smell on them fear. They know they are defunct and in their death throws.

Satanism is being refaced by new blood and they are not pleased about it. Church of Satan died with LaVey. And yes they can sit back fat and lazy and pretend that they are the only relevant organization. They are in for a surprise.

Many of us are doing our own thing and making headway within Satanism. Which is how it should be.

Here is the link . SIN comes in on the number sixth paragraph...

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Zach Black Owner

Hey folks. I need your help with something. I need to speak with Anton LaVey son Satan Xerxes Carnaki LaVey. The rightful inheritor to the church of Satan. Last I heard he lives in southern California, where I live. I wish to light a fire under his ass . He will be turning 25 in a couple years. That is the age LaVey wanted him to be high priest. 

Maybe he does not care. IDK. But, I am willing to find out. I heard he is involved with I need his contact info. Or even his mothers Blanche Barton... although I am pretty sure she will not talk to me. Worth a shot. ..

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