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(Disagreements allowed - No flaming, insulting or heat.)

So i'v been very curious as of late on the Political beliefs between different Satanists. Of course i have my own set myself, but when it comes to Satanism and politics, i never really dived into discussing both in particular. Seeing as how the current political climate is pretty much Hot, i'v been wandering what most satanists, different types of satanists believe in terms of Politics.

I'm aware that there are people on both the Right and Left who are satanists. Socialists, communists, neo-libs, conservatives.

I'm curious as to what people on this site share or don't share in terms of Political beliefs. Feel free to comment and discuss topics on the subject, just refrain from Name-Calling/insulting. That includes bashing liberals (calling them Libtards) and Trump Supporting satanists. Only friendly Agreeing/disagreeing Conversations please.

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