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As a child I became aware of the shadow within me at a very early age and by age 7 was very confused about what this was. Having given it several names and then accepting it as my twin, even telling other children about my sister who did not live with me but lived with my father who had separated from my Mother when I was one; she was not like me though, she was naughty, did what she wanted and could change how she looked, pretty like a girl at first but as I got used to her being around she slowly let me see her true self, so dark and mysterious and actually having no gender; I always knew it would never hurt me, it protected me.  

Obviously this all has to be put into a child's perspective of the world around them; mine was full of abuse and neglect. 

Satanism awakened me, only in the last couple of years, to this concept of "The Shadow" being the beast within me, my true self, the primeval ego of self preservation. I was The shadow. 

After many years of studying psychology to try to gain knowledge of what I knew had been happening for so many years yet was so surreal I almost was afraid to talk about it to anyone for want of them saying I was mad, nothing helped. 

I now know that to survive the abuse in my childhood I had separated my conscious self from the physical body, I had let the shadow out and all the animal instincts that came with it, considered sins by societies standards, to fight back, to attack those who attacked you, to do what I wanted, to live for myself, to love myself, to question and investigate, to gain knowledge and self growth... TO SURVIVE! 

Carl Jung on the "Shadow Self" by Thomas LeRoy


ManxLoaghtan May 26 '16 · Rate: 5 · Tags: shadow, self, darkness, jung
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