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Cornelius Coburn
Oh yeah, and today is also Monday.

Cornelius Coburn
This one is a bit overly dramatic with the 'crying' and all, but it is a decent track. I do like the musical arrangement and feel which is the main reason for posting it.

Cornelius Coburn
It doesn't matter...

Cornelius Coburn
A little poison is always good for ending a relationship. Even if it is an online one, those count too, although in that particular case the 'poison' would most likely be of the metaphorical type.

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Cornelius Coburn
I don't believe in 'questions', I don't have any.

Cornelius Coburn

I have a pretty decent collection of music here now. This is good, what else is good is quickly and forcefully traversing the spacetime medium.

Cornelius Coburn

If I had a nickel for every time my girlfriend said she was moving out, well, you know...

Maybe I would remember to buy her something on Saint Valentines' Day.


Edit : spacing, as usual. There was nothing wrong 'prior' to hitting the 'submit'(or whatever the fuck you wanna call it) button.

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Dark Enlightenment
A rerun post, but this song is the theme song for this bizarre pseudo-LBM running thread called "What I want you to listen to".  Remember, the birds never move. 

The result is usually the same though...

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Cornelius Coburn
Okay I haven't listened to the music yet but that 'signature' way back when really got my attention primarily because of the 'thing' it was connected to.
Cornelius Coburn
The bringer of the light. The energetic serpentine forms that propagate the aethereal medium.

Cornelius Coburn
In a few hours I hope to be, a...

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