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Cornelius Coburn
Not a bad instrumental.

Cornelius Coburn

There is an aspect of consciousness that is dynamic, forever changing and evolving, and there is also a part that is static and never changing, being a reflection of the absolute.

(back to the old stuff)

Cornelius Coburn
Whatever it is, careful you don't do too much.

Cornelius Coburn
I love you Karen, definitely a superstar; you gave me things worth remembering.

Cornelius Coburn
Dreams are the answer as to how the primordial, or consciousness, can create space where there is none.

Cornelius Coburn
Manifestations of oscillations and vibrations the slithering serpents of light that propagate the aethereal medium; reflected in fire and smoke.

Cornelius Coburn
This came pretty close to exceeding my threshold for thrash, but it's not bad.

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