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Sometimes it feels lonely being the ONLY member in my family, that has an interest in Occult related subject matters/topics (even though I'm not that much of a "people person").

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Zoramonkey Member
The LHP and the occult in general has suffered from communication blocks since it's beginning. In modern times this may cause a person to lurk rather than join or worry about meeting others in the real world. Information about the occult is spotty and in some cases difficult to find, if you don't know where to look. I have tried to distribute what I know but I can see others have done the same thing. The community is still largely uninformed and poorly connected. In Thelema we use the word "Promulgation" which is an alternative to protestation. It meas that instead of knocking on doors or screaming in the streets we simply attempt to give the "this is what we do and think."speech. Even when one does this for Thelema or the LHP or any occult group for that matter, there are distinct problems.

This is made worse when one reaches a point where any learning outside of what can be found in an Amazon search or a moderate period of research a wall is encountered. This is made worse when some teaching groups are simply bent on hero worship or rigid dogma.

Groups like the Rosicrucians and Theosophists have maintained large occult libraries for at least a century and several occult libraries exist online but again a wall is encountered that would not exist if community were better.

Despite how independent one is learning is always faster if collaboration exists on some level. Many groups, however have several limits and gatekeepers which create a giant corn maze that serves no purpose, except to insure the occult is, in the words of Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia considered " Silly, barbarous, and cruel."

The situation is made even more crazy when you take into account that some of the better occult groups have goals and focus that is not told to the initiates but given at higher levels. I have often complained that this procedure not only ensures initiates arrive at the point of the meaning of a group not by choice but by chance and indoctrination. This seems counter-productive. It also keeps the adepts locked away in echo chambers and unchallenged in lock step with whatever system they are into, thus acting to retard the system from evolving.

I have noticed that the more advanced voices in the occult have been surprisingly inactive and quiet on several sites on the web, leaving the uninformed, sloppy, or showy occultists to rule the roost and write the narrative the public sees.

Maybe my expectations for occult groups are too high. I have noticed some more well known groups both RHP and LHP lament that membership should be better and that something should be done about the public narrative.

Perhaps it seems that I too have donned the tinfoil hat when I talk of the tinfoil hat crowd saying that Luciferians control the media and Hollywood or that there are stories of Thelemites feeding cakes of light to the child slaves on mars in the slave mines. All this is just silliness, right?

In the 80s the police and psychologists were looking into recovered memory phenomena, made films about how occult murders were commonplace, and evangelists were considered "occult experts" by both groups.

I see a pile of dry wood. We can either treat it to make it fire resistant and build something, or we can do nothing as it ignites and burns us.

I am not rabble rousing here, or at least I hope I am not. I want to move forward with things and see the existing communication networks as a way to create unity and collaborate.

Some will pause because the very thought of social media makes them cringe. Some will see this as unnecessary as the communities they are in are large and safe and the surrounding secular and religious environment seems tame and accepting.

To those who feel let down by social media with its knee jerk politics, selfies, and pictures of meals, I say that just because a thing can be used in a silly manner does not mean that it can be used for better things.

To those in the comfortable large communities basking in acceptance or at least tolerance, I say that not everybody has that luxury. Geography and life situation can create barriers that should not exist.

Better communication and collaboration would help everyone. To those marooned for a myriad of reasons a vibrant online community can be a lifeline. It allows them to live in intolerant and even hostile areas and still learn and grow. Perhaps ultimately allowing them to change the way we are regarded and treated in areas and social groups most of us avoid.

Some of us live in areas and situations of lukewarm intolerance. No one is lynching us and the cops do not get called every time we might forget our voices and get a little loud in ritual but we may fear loss of job if discovered or may be maligned by our family and even friends. I lament that I was not allowed to attend my nieces wedding. I do not blame my family, I blame the muffle over the voice of our community and how it allows people outside to define us.

More community means that our systems and methods would improve. The reasons for this are obvious.

I am not some guru or an expert just a dedicated enthusiast. I have no ambitions for leadership in the community outside of this identity I mention. I am not trying to display humility as I can brag with the best of them. I am just tired of the silly games I have to play every time I get into a group or website to get the ball rolling.

I enjoy working with a group and have sometimes worked alone. I just believe that both types of practitioners would benefit by exchange of knowledge outside of available texts, an improved public narrative, a larger pool of those new people that bring with them more approaches to the various problems and enigmas we face and perhaps new questions.

I am tired of the phenomena of the curious student who fears trying out something they read about and have interest in, because they cannot find a "master", "linage", or "tradition." The interest becomes a pipe dream as they become shaped by whatever is available. We can do better.

To this end I have spent the last year poking my nose into various occult social media sites and online resources. I have not seen them all, surely, but I have made friends along the way.

Occasionally I run into folks in my area but even though that was my original intention I am thinking along a much greater scope.

There are new sites cropping up like Island93 and old ones are planning revamps but I think more is possible.

I have experimented with a small online community and have found that such sites can be expanded to have a presence on several types of occult and non occult social media.

If such a thing can be done with two sites what about several? Obviously the thing many would be worried about is anonymity.

I have a test community website I have several people I interact with. They are grouped on another more conventional social media platform by different names. The connection is known only by me and in some cases not even me. I do not have such information on file or written down.

What I have done on two websites I would like to do on several, but here is the thing....I would like to see others do the same. This already exists to some extent, I want to amplify and expand this process. The lines of communication need to be improved and expanded.

I really do not know where this process is taking me if anywhere at all. I do believe that the value of a network over a single venue is that a single site can be taken down, censored and dominated. Doing this to a large healthy network is much more difficult. Not really sure how to move ahead yet. If anyone has any ideas please collaborate with me, if you want. All PMs mentioning the network will be responded to regardless of source or content.
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Mauricio Gonzalez II
Before I get started on my experience, I would like to mention that these things don't happen very often & that I am by no means an expert at willingly Astral Projecting my self. I am going to basically make A personal mental note of every thing I can remember & post my Astral Experiences here once in A while...some are positive, few are negative & most are neutral. Any ways...enough of my rambling (Autism), I am going to now post the experience I had A few nights ago:

A few nights back, I had an experience in the Astral...every thing felt so real, yet rushed at the very end!

From what I remember, I found my self nude & buried in an old stone tomb. There was no thing, no escape...I was essentially trapped, as though I were sealed alive. I then saw the narrow stone casket shift with-in, there were openings...but the opportunity was limited & I had to hurry `lest I end up trapped indefinitely.

As I hurried to slide down the stone tomb & having barely avoided being crush, I fall down in to A dim lit room where fire was the only light source...A female voice echoed, beckoning me to enter the large room & so I did.

I saw A large furnace, wall scones of fire lamps, A large fancy red carpet with gold trim that looked hand-made, A large luxurious wooden table with food (looked vegetarian, didn't notice any meat) & chalices containing liquid (assuming it was water or wine, or some other drinkable substance).

I then saw her from behind, A woman wearing A Scarlet Robe that showed she was of some kind of Royalty. Her hair was not straight, but seemed to be wavy & was A shade of color that was difficult to see in detail due to the dim light...but I knew for sure that it was neither Black nor Brown (it seemed either Red or Gold). Her eyes, words can not describe...they change & shift, color is unknown. Her skin is white as snow, but despite her youthful appearance...she irradiated A presence that suggested one who is ancient, old & with wisdom. Her hands had sharp decorated talons, but knew not if they were natural or artificial.

She turned around & says to me that she has long awaited me, that we must hurry while there is still time. She leads me to the table where she first has me eat her food, almost hand-feeding it to me before making me drink from one of her chalices & then she leads me away...

...she disrobes, revealing A semi-nude body covered in magnificent jewelry & some of it were Arcane/Occultic symbols. The only part covered was her pelvis, the fabric was A transparent silk micro-skirt & she tells me "I must ride *The Beast* little one, *The Mother Of All Nations* needs her womb ploughed". After which bindings appear suddenly & wrap around my limbs, making me fall flat on the ground where I barely noticed it was consecrated by A large symbol on floor that which I lay on top of. She then walks in circles around with some kind of incense smoke burning from one hand & A small bell in the other, she then parts the "veil" around the circle to enter with-in. After entering, she proceeds to mount me...taking my (presumably virginal) phallus in her hand & stroking it while reciting some kind of chant in A language not known to me. After she was done, she takes it & guides it through the transparent silk micro-skirt where starts rubbing it close to her sacred folds. She then recites A different chant while teasing, her facial expression never changing...her eyes in A deep trance-like state, such an intense focus in regards to her mind's concentration. After finishing chanting, she lifts her self up high & slams down on my phallus...being taken completely by her as she recites A different chant, one that matches her rhythm as she rides up on me. Her words become different, louder & emotionally charged prior to each "slap" only to return back to normal. I was mesmerized by the whole sight of what was going on & what was happening, I felt that I could at any moment no longer hold out. As though she sensed it, she then starts speeding up her chants & rhythm at such A high rate of speed. Right before the very end, she lifts her self very high to the point that my phallus almost slips out & slams down with full screaming force of one final word. The force being as such, that I am abruptly waken up in A toxic daze!

   -Your Thoughts??,
      ~MG2 [s.s.s.] ;).
Zach Black Owner
As you see we have a PDF library. I encourage users to add links to their favorite books in PDF format. The books do not have to be specifically occult related. But, bare in mind this is a site designed for Satanist. So, please no Harry Potter books, auto-biographies of pop stars ect. 

So please think about a good book that others might find interesting and add it. At the top of this box on the left you will see a string of small boxes with icons in them. Click the link button. It is very simple. 

Ludwik Chapter Head

In the Satanic Rituals (THE UNKNOWN KNOWN) Anton LaVey speaks ambiguously and enigmatically about the number 9 being the main number of which to identify with Satan and the ego. 

"Despite other's attempts to identify a certain number with Satan (meaning 666), It will be known that Nine is his number. Nine is the number of the Ego, for it always returns to itself. No matter what is done through the most complex multiplication of Nine by any other number, in the final equation nine alone will stand forth." - Anton LaVey, The Satanic Rituals

If you break down the dealings of 9 by employing the use of gematria reduction and Occult numerology, you will see exactly what LaVey was talking about.

Gematria reduction in Occult numerology 
Adding any number to 9 reverts back to the original number it was added to, just as adding ego to anything; changes nothing - the status quo endures.

9+1 = 10 - 1+0 = 1

9+2 = 11 - 1+1 = 2

9+3 = 12 - 1+2 = 3 

9+4 = 13 - 1+3 = 4

9+5 = 14 - 1+4 = 5

9+6 = 15 - 1+5 = 6 

....ad infinitum

Nine is the number of the Ego, reflecting consciousness in the veil of Paroketh because if you times 9 by any number and it will always persevere as 9.


9x2=18 -1+8=9

9x3=27 -2+7=9

9x4=36 -3+6=9

9x5=45 -4+5=9

9x6=54 -5+4=9

... ad infinitum

666 - The number of the Beast, the number of Beast consciousness, the veil of the profane. This number always goes back to 9. 9 and 666 are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

666x1= 666 - 6+6+6=18 - 1+8=9

666x2=1332 - 1+3+3+2 =9

666x3=1998 - 1+9+9+8=27 - 2+7 = 9

666x4=2664 - 2+6+6+4=18 1+8 = 9

666x5=3330 - 3+3+3+0=9

666x6=3996 - 3+9+9+6=27 - 2+7 = 9

... ad infinitum.

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Hmmm. That's a very mysterous word. So, what do you say kiddos? Poke it with a stick? Well, I've already tried and that particular act of wizardry accomplished exactly dick and shit.

How about we makes some shit up? Occultism: the ..uh.. hmm... Tarot cards and magick and shiiit!


Allright. As much as I loathe to do this, I've had to turn to book-with-words for a hint on what this word could possibly mean. After failing to find much of use as the definition for "occultism" (it's an -ism anyway, so fuck it), I looked up the next most logical choice -- "occult."

And folks, there it is, for all to see (sort of):

1. to hide, to shut off from view

Holy shit, man, a verb. Let's nomenalize that bitch:

1. that which is hidden, or shut off from view

So, the occult is really about hidden shit. It's like an easter egg hunt or somethin'. So, it's really about... finding shit?

... more

Shawn Sep 28 '15 · Comments: 4 · Tags: occult, occultism, for beginners
sheabile Chapter Head

• Episode 1: Secular Transcendence and the (un)Holy Spiritual Experience •On this 1st episode of Deferred Gnosis we discuss the Spiritual/Transcendent experience -
  • What is a Spiritual Experience/Transcendent Experience? What do they mean to an atheist? What do they mean to a Satanist?
  • Does atheism have room for spirituality? Does Satanism?
  • Is there a spiritual world? The necessity for evidence.
  • The fallacies of religious mythology – is there a silver lining? Is there a place for religion in an enlightened world? For spirituality?
  • We draw a line in the sand…

Musicians - Send a link of your musick to - deferredgnosis@gmail.com – or use the comment section below – We will devote a segment to showcase your tune along with a short interview with the artist.


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