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Zach Black Owner
Sources of misinformation about Satanism

Interesting. This is before I fucked shit up on YouTube.  Before YouTube (which is now the #1 source of information for ages 18 - 30 ) this was what most people were using as source information. That has all shifted now. By no means am I saying I am solely responsible for this shift but in 2009 their was not many of us making educational videos about Satanism.  I will take credit for being a major player in pushing factual information about satanism into google and YouTube. With combined total of about 55k subscribers and nearly 30 million video views I can say with confidence I put a serious punch into the spread of misinformation about Satanism and will continue as long as I am alive regardless if the source is waving crosses or pentagram.


Sometimes it feels lonely being the ONLY member in my family, that has an interest in Occult related subject matters/topics (even though I'm not that much of a "people person").

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Zach Black Owner
As you see we have a PDF library. I encourage users to add links to their favorite books in PDF format. The books do not have to be specifically occult related. But, bare in mind this is a site designed for Satanist. So, please no Harry Potter books, auto-biographies of pop stars ect. 

So please think about a good book that others might find interesting and add it. At the top of this box on the left you will see a string of small boxes with icons in them. Click the link button. It is very simple. 

Ludwik Chapter Head

In the Satanic Rituals (THE UNKNOWN KNOWN) Anton LaVey speaks ambiguously and enigmatically about the number 9 being the main number of which to identify with Satan and the ego. 

"Despite other's attempts to identify a certain number with Satan (meaning 666), It will be known that Nine is his number. Nine is the number of the Ego, for it always returns to itself. No matter what is done through the most complex multiplication of Nine by any other number, in the final equation nine alone will stand forth." - Anton LaVey, The Satanic Rituals

If you break down the dealings of 9 by employing the use of gematria reduction and Occult numerology, you will see exactly what LaVey was talking about.

Gematria reduction in Occult numerology 
Adding any number to 9 reverts back to the original number it was added to, just as adding ego to anything; changes nothing - the status quo endures.

9+1 = 10 - 1+0 = 1

9+2 = 11 - 1+1 = 2

9+3 = 12 - 1+2 = 3 

9+4 = 13 - 1+3 = 4

9+5 = 14 - 1+4 = 5

9+6 = 15 - 1+5 = 6 infinitum

Nine is the number of the Ego, reflecting consciousness in the veil of Paroketh because if you times 9 by any number and it will always persevere as 9.


9x2=18 -1+8=9

9x3=27 -2+7=9

9x4=36 -3+6=9

9x5=45 -4+5=9

9x6=54 -5+4=9

... ad infinitum

666 - The number of the Beast, the number of Beast consciousness, the veil of the profane. This number always goes back to 9. 9 and 666 are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

666x1= 666 - 6+6+6=18 - 1+8=9

666x2=1332 - 1+3+3+2 =9

666x3=1998 - 1+9+9+8=27 - 2+7 = 9

666x4=2664 - 2+6+6+4=18 1+8 = 9

666x5=3330 - 3+3+3+0=9

666x6=3996 - 3+9+9+6=27 - 2+7 = 9

... ad infinitum.

Ludwik Jun 9 '16 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 8 · Tags: beast, anton lavey, 666, occult, satanism, satanic rituals, numerology, gematria, number 9


Hmmm. That's a very mysterous word. So, what do you say kiddos? Poke it with a stick? Well, I've already tried and that particular act of wizardry accomplished exactly dick and shit.

How about we makes some shit up? Occultism: the ..uh.. hmm... Tarot cards and magick and shiiit!


Allright. As much as I loathe to do this, I've had to turn to book-with-words for a hint on what this word could possibly mean. After failing to find much of use as the definition for "occultism" (it's an -ism anyway, so fuck it), I looked up the next most logical choice -- "occult."

And folks, there it is, for all to see (sort of):

1. to hide, to shut off from view

Holy shit, man, a verb. Let's nomenalize that bitch:

1. that which is hidden, or shut off from view

So, the occult is really about hidden shit. It's like an easter egg hunt or somethin'. So, it's really about... finding shit?

... more

Shawn Sep 28 '15 · Comments: 4 · Tags: occult, occultism, for beginners
sheabile Chapter Head

• Episode 1: Secular Transcendence and the (un)Holy Spiritual Experience •On this 1st episode of Deferred Gnosis we discuss the Spiritual/Transcendent experience -
  • What is a Spiritual Experience/Transcendent Experience? What do they mean to an atheist? What do they mean to a Satanist?
  • Does atheism have room for spirituality? Does Satanism?
  • Is there a spiritual world? The necessity for evidence.
  • The fallacies of religious mythology – is there a silver lining? Is there a place for religion in an enlightened world? For spirituality?
  • We draw a line in the sand…

Musicians - Send a link of your musick to - [email protected] – or use the comment section below – We will devote a segment to showcase your tune along with a short interview with the artist.


Listeners, Artists, Commentators, Fellow travelers on the fringe -

Send us your comments, thoughts, suggestions, topic ideas for future podcasts to – [email protected] – Or use the comment section below.

And if thou Wilt, please share this show.

Highest Cheers from Deferred Gnosis. As above, so below.

‡ Intro Musick by Shea Bilé and Ian Flux ‡ Outro Musick for this episode – Romania by Roboton

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