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It seems almost ubiquitous that people who participate in websites such as this one and a variety of subcultures love to point out what the herd is doing. The herd is wrong. I am a loner, much more of a loner than any of the other loners. The herd is bad, evil, and so forth. It seems to me that for the garden variety Satanist, The Herd is our devil, or scapegoat, our thing that we should not be. But is not the goat a herd animal? 

It is my evaluation of Satanism that it is philosophy/religion/LARP/modern art piece/joke that gets most of its kick, power, or OOMPH, from inversion. But I am noticing a kind of dogma both on the internet and IRL from people who profess to be satanists or LHPers or whatever, that there is a common thread/belief/dogma in this path. "I am not a sheep from this flock. I am a lone wolf. The flock is the worst thing." Being a member of the flock almost seems to be a sin, but as a Satanist, don't we enjoy sinning? Don't we sin on purpose because behind each sin is an aspect of the human experience that if indulged makes our experience all the more rich?

I think there is a tendency in every rebel (the western kind meaning: affected, probably white affluent in a relative global sense, and non violent as opposed to a member of a legitimate fighting force trying to overthrow a government or something) to look at what their herd is doing, and to do something totally different. I don't think think that this is because they actually believe or because there actually is anything wrong with what the herd does, but because humans are social animals. We need social capital in order to secure mates, resources, the things  we want. Unless we live as independent hunter gatherers. 

In order to secure social capital, we can do the common things that herd does, and try to become distinguished in a crowd of several billion others. To become distinguished among these numbers, you have to be talented and impressive indeed, not to mention lucky. Or we can do something that will distinguish us with little more than professing to be part of something that the herd finds repulsive. Satanism is a gate through which only weaklings can walk, and emerge on the other side distinguished, with pockets full of ephemeral social capital.

Lone wolves are the sick ones. They are too slow or too infirm to keep up with the pack.

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