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Mauricio Gonzalez II
There was A time that I would never see my self ever getting A "FaceBook" account nor A "MySpace" account, just never saw the practicality in making an account that A bunch of randoms could peek through & harass when-ever they wanted. I never did get A "MySpace" account, but I did get A "FaceBook" account for reasons that aren't particularly glamorous & just ended up as A disappointment any way. Yet I still kept it open & joined A few "groups", tried to find some sort of usage that would be beneficial unto me...instead, all I ever got was the following:


>Empty promises.

>Prejudiced Asses.




& did the administration ever help?, no...they instead saw me as being at fault, this fucking shit was like school all over again! Of course, what can you ever expect from the products of kikes?...it is like "Communism", they make all sorts of glorious claims/promises & instead act like total ass-holes in the end. =:O.

So there you go, A summary of why I left "FaceBook" & would never be active in it again... :-\.

But at least I have found A more decent site (S.I.N.) where there seems to have promise, I even found many like-minded individuals (more than what "FaceBook" would ever provide). I also like the potential anonymity it provides in the sense that it is not mandatory to put in A real name, so I don't have to worry about people using my postings against me later in life. :-).

Ave Santanas!,

   ~MG2 [s.s.s.]


“You said you were a fairy princess
You said you were a shooting star
You said we’d go to Bora Bora
Now look at where the fuck we are”

Please, come in Mr Smith, said the doorman taking my coat and hat, Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Miss LaVie will see you in a moment. I looked around the shabby room bewildered. The golden chandeliers and Persian carpets, this is how it looked like in the advertisement. Dreamland. Let your dreams fly on wings. They must be fucking kidding me…

Thank you, I’d rather stand. I began pacing round the room. When she calls me in, I’ll be ready. Excuse me, when is Miss LaVie going to call me in? I asked the doorman after an hour passed. I have no idea, sir. Could you ask her? Of course, sir. He came back in a minute. Miss LaVie will see you in a moment, Mr Smith. Meanwhile, please make yourself comfortable. I was sitting in an armchair while the clock on the wall was counting hours. Its sound was getting louder and louder. Finally, I rushed into her room infuriated…

Oh Mr Smith. Welcome Mr smith! Here you are at last. I was waiting for you, thought you changed your mind, she said smiling. I… I… I…I’ve been here all the time, I stuttered confused. Never mind, I have a brilliant offer for you. Let me see… and she began searching through the papers on her desk. Fuck! Where did I put it? She looked in her drawer. No, not here, perhaps on the shelves… Finally, she came back to her desk. Mr Smith, I don’t know how to say it. So damn awkward. There’s been terrible misunderstanding. I’m so sorry, but but but…. I don’t have anything for you. Perhaps, if you dropped in next month…

You fucking stupid bitch.

I’m sitting alone in my quiet empty bedroom. My grey face is looking at me from the mirror. Once again the king is naked. I wanted you to tell me how great I am. I hoped you would comfort me and say I’m someone special, better than anyone else. You shut the door on me, you cruel life. You called me an average Joe, gave me an ordinary job, ordinary friends and common pastimes. You made me look like anyone else. I worked so hard; studies and three part-time jobs only to see my dreams shattered. Mirror mirror on the wall, how can I even look at you now?

The easiest way to escape from oneself is to become someone else…

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo for our star! People are clapping their hands, cheering and throwing confetti. My Mistress is whispering praises to my ear. I’m everybody. I’m everything. I’m special. No gain without pain. I had to pay. The price was well… reasonable.

Anna Feb 15 '15 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 1 · Tags: conformity, frustration, disappointment, dreams
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