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I've seen a lot of posts on SIN about this or that satanic band, or bands that are "real" satanists. I like music, and I like a lot of bands that could be labeled "satanic", so I'd give birth to another abomination of letters for everyone's eyeballs and brain-domes.

I find the concept of a "real" satanic band to be a bit silly. A real satanist is anybody who lives for themselves, and is in essence everybody, and perhaps every organism that has ever lived. As I've said elsewhere magick is nothing more than making your will happen in the objective universe. Any band that manages to have people they don't know discussing them are competent magicians, so long as they want people to talk about them. I assume that most musicians want people to listen to them, and people talking about them naturally leads to more people listening to them. Even if people hate a given band, I would say that band is probably still winning with their magick since fame is typically wrapped up in the goals of being in a band, and no press is bad press.

Music is one of the best examples of a quite literal and obvious form of magick. It comes from the performers mind, manifests in the movements required to play an instrument, and goes a step further when the sounds they produce enter into the minds of and are interpreted by listeners. Listeners feel the desired effects of the song, which can be as specific as a particular mood, or as a general as "feeling anything".

Musical performances  resemble ceremonial magick. Bands frequently wear specific clothes for a performance, imbibe certain psychoactive chemicals, perform behaviours to insure the success of the spells they cast like plugging in their amps and tuning their guitars. They manipulate the senses through sound and lighting to evoke or invoke different states in the audience. Then the audience, or the celebrants if you will, all take up their positions, and perform their rites. The rites can be a circle pit, headbanging, pogo-ing, snapping their fingers, slow dancing, or whatever else. In the best concerts, those performed by master magicians/musicians, everybody seems to get on the same "wavelength" (a terribly imprecise word, but I don't know another that can accurately capture that feeling of synchronicity) and for an hour or two become best friends, though if they pass each other on the street the next day they might not even acknowledge one another. In the end the celebrants become loyal to the musicians and will pay to see them again, pay for the music and merchandise, and spread the word. In effect, a good concert invokes the commercial will of the band into the souls of the audience, and the spell is complete when they have given their hard earned cash to their crooning masters. Concerts and the music business in general are a terrific example of magick in action.

Now that I've established musicians as both satanists and magicians (is their really a difference?), I'll look at some specific bands.

Burzum is one that I think of first. Like many dorky heavy metal enthusiasts, he was one of the first Norweigian Black Metal bands I ever heard, and subsequently fell in love with. Now obviously he is a racist, terrorist, and a murderer, and a guy I don't like. That does not make him a bad example of a satanic musician. The fact that he seems to be living a decent life (if that thing in France is resolved; I don't care to google it) despite his crimes is an endorsement of his power. Granted I don't have all the information. Perhaps his parents have a lot of money or something and that is how he got away with everything, or maybe it is really just because the Norweigian legal system is spineless, toothless, and dickless and anyone in that country would have had a similar fate to that suffered by ol' Uncle Varg.

Now those in the know probably know that Varg of Burzum officially renounced Satanism at a certain point and now practices some form of neo-pagan-asatru-white-supremecy nonsense. Keep in mind my point of view, and what I believe is the essence of Satanism. Everybody, and everything is a satanist, whether they know it or not. One need not be consciously one in order to be one. Though with song titles like "Black Spell of Destruction" and comments about specific albums being intentionally recorded as spells, it is hard to argue with him being a magickal musician in the most overt sense.

The Sex Pistols are another band that I think of as being highly magickal, though not necessarily satanic. They lit the fuse that led to the punk rock explosion that still effects rock and more generally pop music today.

Lastly I would like to bring up a musical group that is not satanic in any explicit sense. I'm sure anybody reading this is accustomed to the idea of traditionally religious folks being evil as fuck. I think this is because they try to cover up their evil in a glossy package that anybody with a brain can see right through. But their magick lies in their mastery of making brains stop working right, especially with regards to skepticism directed towards them and their absurd beliefs and practices.  That aside, lets talk about the Australian christian praise and worship band, Hillsongs United. 

The packaging, the production, the style of this bizarre entity is lesser magick par excellence. How better to convince young-uns that their position within the religion is perfectly acceptable in the larger evil of the non-christian world than by stealing the tricks of rock n' roll, that most evil of all pop culture commodities? They've got the gear, they've got the haircuts and the stressed jeans, from time to time they've even got the tattoos. They are cool as cats (in the eyes of their fans. And unlike the majority of bands with a satanic angle, I think their performances are far more magickal in nature. They actually believe that the awful racket they make is being heard by their hebrew wizard in the sky, and that he smiles at them because of it. I don't think many Mayhem fans think that they are actually making the horned one below smile with their carousing and headbanging. 

Hillsongs, believe it or not, can muster crowds and festivals of thousands. All raise their hands and sing in unison, and again, spend lots of money  in the name of their god. Isn't it funny how satanic and christian bands are ultimately doing the same thing? Selling their ideas wrapped in their aesthetics for money, for themselves.

SamaelSwine Nov 12 '16 · Rate: 4 · Tags: black metal, worship, mayhem, burzum
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