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I have got just the fifty percent of your heart

our lives are indeed divided

as if they weren't already by the brutality of life

I feel like a prisoner

maybe men made life into a prison

they arrested their soul

I feel like I have lost something

I feel like true happiness is impossible

because of them

I feel like this world isn't made for free spirits

I feel like under the law of a powerful universal tyrant

that rule everything

I feel like I'm a cathedral in the desert

and I have just wilderness

and they have everything

except what I have

and so they are unhappy, having everything

and I resist, having nothing

but I still am in this wasteland

in this arid wilderness

alone, I'm indeed an hermit

against the world

with a message who could free them all

but I know very well the fate of prophets

and I don't accept it

I am a giant and noble rebellion

I condemn this stupid world

May it fall, may it collapse

may be destroyed, this unjust world

Fire, hidden in the darkest night

hidden from every powerful man

unknown, under the ground

it resists

facing a world of terrifying darkness

it is the fire of Hell

the fire of justice

we still here, after centuries of genocide

burning for truth

burning in the name of nature

against an ugly and unjust world

burn this world


with the fire of philosophy

die, transform, overcome, destroy, create, fight!


a deadly curse upon God

you will never have my unique soul

I will fight against the whole world

and if I will die you won't survive me

a challenge, a noble duel

unequal fight, but what is equal?

Conquer your might! Defeat who is superior!

Take his heart, eat it for Mars!

Blessed be the crazy ones

Cursed be the idiots

crazy like a true revolutionary

one, who, with a sentence, issue a sentence of death!

Who is afraid of words?

I know who! These words are a knife

a noble knife of someone screaming


a knife that frightens the evil men

a knife of justice!

deadly, bloody words, you may be hurt

and they are meant to that

words are swords that hurt

a poem can be a true duel

I'm a warrior, and I challenge

cursed be who doesn't fight

is already a slave

nothing you will get

without struggle

nothing you will achieve

without true hate

death to the dead

cries nature

death to this dead world!

Danniel Ford
When your enemies' only strength is violence make it so they will have to use it against you at your time of choosing. This way you can set up their downfall well in advance, and when it happens exploit the circumstances to your full advantage. Allow it to look as if they won the battle to actually win the war. Before the actual confrontation use all your manipulation skills to appear the innocent victim while all the while gradually antagonizing and provoking your enemy to make the fatal error at the right time. You will have to do some planning, study the environment and its inhabitants and their schedules. Know who's where and when. This way you will be able to set the perfect trap and once it is sprung you must have no mercy on your prey. You must then ensure that they are taken down for good, so fallow through on all your responsibilities afterwards and finish them off even if it makes you seem cowardly, unfair, and unmanly. At this point fuck appearances, the only thing that counts is victory. And remember, it is the victors who write the history. So after the war is won and the enemy is disposed you'll have plenty of time to alter the facts so as to appear the brave, honorable hero. Hahaha
Danniel Ford Sep 12 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: violence, justice, revenge
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